The All-Seeing Eye

Since my recent posts on Osiris Arising are on the different EYE frequencies, I am reblogging this article I wrote on The Crystalline Matrix awhile ago.

Tribelight Station

Upon the Cathedral in Aachen, Germany. Thoth considers this cathedral very central to sacred geometry and ley lines on the planet.

The All-Seeing Eye on the dollar bill has become the boogie-man for many, believed to be a symbol of the Masons and by proxy then, the Illuminati. The other day this symbol came up in a Life Pulse session I was doing, and I was reminded of all Thoth has revealed to me on this subject. This prompted me to address some of it here, with the readers of Tribelight Station.

First, I wish to say that Thoth does not like me to use the name “Illuminati.” He has told me repeatedly that it is not  a true title for anything or anyone, and what it is generally applied to – those in control of the hidden agendas of the world – is not appropriate.  According to Thoth, there is no…

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