The Eye of Horus


from my archives . . .

Thoth uses the EYE as a point of merkabah (vehicle) transport into or between energy / cosmic systems. We have the Isis / Aeriopax Eye: the main geometric for Earth Ascension; the Iris Eye: New Earth Star FLASH point of integration of Old and New Earth; the Eye of Metatron: same as the Iris Eye, except the “Iris” is the FLASH point and the Metatron is the point of movement from Oritron (half-light) to Metatron (full-light). There is also the Eye of Ra: a convergence point for this and many other universes. It is the ‘Threshold’. The outer membrane is the actual ‘universal grid’ (both half-Light Oritronic and full-Light Metatronic) surrounding the Eye of Ra; containing the ‘worlds’ such as Earth, that exist in the many universes.

These “EYES” are a form of pictograph Light Language. In the Book of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak it is explained that through the stages of evolution there are portals of LIGHT that humanity must pass through. These portal are as “pyramids of Light” and are imbued with the God-Eye at the center of the pyramid. This is the Eternal Eye. Thoth concurs. Thus, all the EYES Thoth speaks about are aspects of the ONE – the Eternal God-Eye.

Hurtak writes that the Eye of Horus creates specific forms out of the Greater Creation dynamic. Again, Thoth agrees. Thoth sees the Eye of Horus as creating in it’s First Principle the multi-dimensional energy fields of the Being. From these fields are then created the forms of the Adam Kadmon in the subtle and corporeal energy bodies.

In Numis’OM (first stage of New Earth), it is the Eye of Horus dynamic through which the forms within that stage of the New Earth Star are being generated.



I have just created a short activational video – MOVING THROUGH THE EYE OF HORUS – incorporating a process I received some years ago. It is an exclusive for KYI’RA PORTAL MEMBERS and can be viewed in the Vimeo Kyi’Ra Portal Collection (your Vimeo Portal password is needed to access).


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