Dweller Sla’U’mash



Another new Hosting for a Dweller Crystal Skull by the name of Sla’U’mash. His skull was crystallized in the Temple of Kauuma on what is now Vancouver Island, B.C. At the time, it was not an island, but part of the mainland. Thoth is calling the Dweller and Host combo “The Proclaimer.” the Host has not yet been chosen.

This Dweller is a Metatron, so his skull is at this time, in another dimension.

Kathleen Millar
Kathleen Millar

The guardian of the Host for The Proclaimer is Kathleen Millar, who lives on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island and the surrounding area, including parts of the mainland of B.C. contains a grid to be activated for some major purpose in the near future as part of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix.



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