Memtaph – Another Dweller in Egypt


According to Thoth Intelligence, Memtaph was one of the Companions of Horus in Egypt. He was among those who “ruled” after the original Sun Lords had departed this planet.  These Companions, were hybrids of Star Beings and Earth humans, who had were directly related to the original Sek’Kum or Light Bearers / Sun Lords. In actuality, all humans on Earth have genetics from other worlds, and have had, since the LOTUS Reality descended into the Primal Earth. But referenced here as Companions of Horus, are those with specific linage to the Sek’Kum or Neteru.

Thus, Memtaph, as a Companion of Horus or Hori’Ra, was the Solar Ruler in what later became the Egyptian Lands. His skull was holo-formed into Crystal, as one of the Dwellers. This Skull currently is within a chamber in Egypt that lies deep under the sands in the long forgotten temple-city of Khaferum.


This Dweller Skull is now being Hosted within the Osiris Arising Project by Samantha Stargates Young. The Dweller-Host combination is given the reference name of STAR CASTER. Actually, I received “ONE WHO BRINGS TO STARS TO EARTH” – but was also given the shorter version of Star Caster – as in “casting stars from the Vault of Orion to Earth.”


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