Raramura – Isle of the Mother Sun

The Crystalline Matrix



Early this morning, August 4th, 2016, I had a dream I can barely remember…but I knew it was “real.” It was about an island being formed NOW on some earth dimension. Night before last, I had another “real” dream, filled with information I cannot remember at all – only the feeling of having the dream. I know these dreams are connected.

So at the moment I write this, I am moving into the Thoth Akasha to retrieve the information that was in these dreams, beginning with the last one about the island.

First this is what I do remember from the dream…

There were Beings of Light I could not see, creating an island on the surface of the Earth. It seemed to be that they were applying the same “technology” used to create crop circles. First, they were place down an energetic mapping of all the nodes of…

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2 thoughts on “Raramura – Isle of the Mother Sun

  1. I am so amazed on reading your e-mail this morning. Last evening on the 8/8 I was meditating with one of my larger skulls – a beautiful golden citrine one called “Tupa” and received visions of a new island on the horizon. I often write descriptive poetry following a visionary experience and reading it back, noticed the prominence of a castellated island governed by a golden sun. The details and colours are so clear and beautiful, I had named it “Dreamscape”.
    With much love and light


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