The Amarata and Mari Magdalene


Amarata-copper Amarata Medallion


In doing a Zoom session for a client, I received that she had been incarnated in France – in or near the town of Rennes le Baines. Her grandmother had been given a small medallion by Mari Magdalene, during the latter’s time in France. (note: according to the Thoth Akasha, Mari only spent a few years there. She would eventually travel to Ephesus, Turkey to be with Mother Mari and both are buried there.)

The medallion given to the girl’s grandmother by Mari was then given to the granddaughter by her grandmother. I have created an artwork in which I re-create this simple medallion – although I saw it with the symbol very worn down by many hands caressing it through the years. I received that this symbol was the Amarata – meaning (as closely as I can come to it) the forge of the heart. The…

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