Temple of the Moon & Palace of the Winds

First the back story . . .

When I first moved back to my friend’s house in January, 2016 I was called by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa to notice a particular mountain seen from the marvelous view on the lanai. I had lived in this house previously some years ago (for six months) and of course was familiar with the mountain, but in January was the first time my attention had been called to it.

The Thothic information given me then was that this was actually a pyramid, and it was part of a pyramid complex. Indeed, the house I was in was atop another one of the pyramids of this complex!

Temple of the Moon

Just the other day, not knowing about my Thothic info on this mountain-pyramid, my friend Unity Grace (formerly Lynn Macallum) told me that she had seen “a pyramid” from the air while flying into Kaua’i and when we compared notes, it was the same one! Upon doing some further research, she has discovered that the Hawaiians call this “mountain” the Temple of the Moon.

Early this morning I was thinking about this, and received from Thoth Intelligence: “Jaipur, India.” I really could not by myself name one single city or region in India, but this was very clear so I Googled it. I struggled with spelling it correctly but was close enough that Google asked me “do you mean Jaipur? (I had spelled it like it sounded to me – Japur).

Now before I proceed with what I found, let me back up to about 3 nights ago. Just as I was between awake and asleep, I saw very clearly under my closed eyelids an amazing site…

There was a golden-lit temple – best description I can give it – composed of many cubicles, each with an opening or doorway and sort of a pagoda-like part on the top of it. So EACH one was like this and they all were piled on top of each other to created a pyramid-shape.

standing in front of each doorway was a woman who appear Eastern – either Indian or Oriental – wasn’t sure. Each of these women were dressed is somewhat similar Eastern dance attire, and wearing sort of a pagoda-shaped gold head-dress. They were all dancing in unison – rather several mudra dance positions in-place. The one the seemed to be the main one they came back to was like in the pictures below.


It was an amazing site indeed! Yet the whole vision only lasted a few seconds.

Right after I received Jaipur, India and before I Googled it, I knew that this vision I had experienced only a few days before was connected…to Jaipur and to the pyramid complex here. I saw that this “pyramid” in Jaipur and the pyramid complex that I was viewing on my lanai (indeed standing on top of one of the pyramids) were connected.

Here are some images of the complex here on Kaua’i.


SO  I Google Jaipur, India and this is what I see right away, many pictures of it as it is apparently the main attraction of Jaipur…

The Hawa Mahal, meaning Palace of Winds

More pictures – you can see the pagodas


from Wikipedia

Hawa Mahal (English translation: “Palace of Winds” or “Palace of the Breeze”) is a palace in Jaipur, India, so named because it was essentially a high screen wall built so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from the outside. Constructed of red and pink sandstone, the palace sits on the edge of the City Palace, and extends to the zenana, or women’s chambers.

The structure was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. He was so intimidated and inspired by unique structure of Khetri Mahal and he built the grand and historical Hawa Mahal. It was designed by LaLChand Ustad in the form of the crown of Krishna, the Hindu god. Its unique five-story exterior is akin to the honeycomb of a beehive with its 953 small windows called jharokhas decorated with intricate latticework. The original intention of the lattice was to allow royal ladies to observe everyday life in the street below without being seen, since they had to obey strict “purdah” (face cover). The lattice also allows cool air from the Venturi effect (doctor breeze) through the intricate pattern, air conditioning the whole area during the high temperatures in summers.

In 2006, restoration and renovation works on the Mahal were undertaken, after a gap of 50 years, to give a face lift to the monument at an estimated cost of Rs 4568 million. The corporate sector lent a hand to preserve the historical monuments of Jaipur and the Unit Trust of India has adopted Hawa Mahal to maintain it. The palace is an extended part of a huge complex. The stone-carved screens, small casements and arched roofs are some of the features of this popular tourist spot. The monument also has delicately modeled hanging cornices.

The palace is a five-story pyramidal shaped monument that rises 50 feet (15 m) from its high base. The top three floors of the structure have a dimension of one room width while the first and second floors have patios in front of them. The front elevation, as seen from the street, is like a honeycomb web of a beehive, built with small portholes. Each porthole has miniature windows and carved sandstone grills, finials and domes. It gives the appearance of a mass of semi-octagonal bays, giving the monument its unique façade. The inner face on the back side of the building consists of need-based chambers built with pillars and corridors with minimal ornamentation, and reach up to the top floor. The interior of the Mahal has been described as “having rooms of different coloured marbles, relieved by inlaid panels or gilding; while fountains adorn the centre of the courtyard”.

It is particularly striking when viewed early in the morning, lit with the golden light of sunrise.


“It is particularly striking when viewed early in the morning, lit with the golden light of sunrise. “ This is how I saw it – bathed in golden light!



As I read and saw all this on the Hawa Mahal, I asked two questions:

1 – What made this building so special energetically?

2 – How was it connected to the pyramid complex I was viewing from my lanai on Kaua’i?


1 – What made this building so special energetically?

According to Thoth Intelligence, There is a powerful energy grid node beneath the structure…and atop the node is a true pyramid – part of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM).  Both Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh and his architect, LaLChand Ustad were unconsciously directed to create the Hawa Mahal. It serves as a furtherance – an antenna if you will, to the pyramid below.

This pyramid is a receptacle for the Divine Feminine of Gaia. Within it is a cup-like chamber of Rebirth – a womb of the Goddess.

2 – How was it connected to the pyramid complex I was viewing from my lanai on Kaua’i?

This pyramid complex seen from my lanai Thoth Intelligence is dubbing the Mana Lei Fulcrum.

Mana is energy power and of course lei is a garland.  Fulcrum means…


The ancient name for this complex is given as Manau, which essentially is the same meaning as Mana Lei.

Thoth Intelligence is revealing to me that the Mana Lei Fulcrum is a direct portal into the true pyramid at Jaipur, beneath the Hawa Mahal. All these pyramids and connections are part of the PRM.


Of course it is perfect for me to live here with the Osiris Arising main crystal skull matrix! I can place the White Queen out on the lanai and she is facing her Dweller true threshold inside mount Wai’ale’ale!



A Footenote

Today Unity, Sharon and Infinity joined me here on top of the pyramid in communion exchange and a brief ceremony honoring Manau and all the amazing Light Bearers of the planet.



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2 thoughts on “Temple of the Moon & Palace of the Winds

  1. Aloha Maia,

    The information you’ve shared today feels somehow connected to what I was told when the ETs (Essassani) stopped over my house to tell me about what was happening with the crystal grid set up in the Dodecahedron in my living room. They explained that the primary crystal in the grid was downloading and decimating information, as well as gathering and sending back information (frequencies). They said that it was connected to what they called a “large Lemurian Goddess Crystal” here on Kauai that has not yet been discovered.

    FYI I will be flying out tomorrow night to visit my parents in Michigan. They are having some health issues (both 93 years old). Will be gone for at least three weeks. Thinking about renting my house out while I’m gone. I would rent it at reasonable price to someone who is “conscious” about things like the crystal grid and would be a good caretaker if you hear of someone.

    Blessings, Michael


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