There is a Dweller Crystal Skull who was a female Elder In the Temple Complex of Surhunketchum at Lake Titicaca, Peru. This was several hundred years after the last cataclysm that took Atlantis under (the time tsunami).

This Dweller was named Osalum’Ina. When her soul departed the frame, her crystal skull was placed in the Temple of the Peacock at Surhunketchum. There it was guardianed and worked with by her five daughters.

Osalum’Ina was what Thoth Intelligence is calling a Fifth Frequency Being. This is new information to me. 5th Frequency Beings can come from many different star systems and thus races. They all have in common physically elongated skulls – some more so than others. Osalum’Ina was from the Pleiades, although her soul’s creation star is Rigel in Orion. Her consort was also from the Pleiades, but not a Fifth Frequency Being, so his skull was rounded. All five daughters had “normal” round skulls. The elongated skull can carry over genetically, and when it does that individual will be a Fifth Frequency Being (FFB).

So what IS a FFB? I asked.

Genetically, a pairing of 3 DNA strands which we human all possess, with 2 that are PURE FREQUENCY. These two “strands” are wave form frequency patterns only, developed through brain impulse. The FFBs have a pineal gland containing a unique substance that creates a specific type of crystal array. This array sends the 2 strand pure frequencies which face-match with the physical 3 strands. The result is a five-fold frequency output from the combo.

As a FFB, the individual can be totally active in it’s 5th Frequency….or not. Those who became 5th Frequency through cross-breeding with humans may be less “activated.”

Full activation means being able to move interdimsionally in a body that is still quite physical (as we understand it).

The Dweller Crystal Skull of Osalum’Ina is still at Lake Titicaca, in a chamber of the vast cavern area below the plateau, which incidentally, also contains Thoth’s Retreat (he has two – the other is in Challenger Peak at Crestone, Colorado.)


Fifth Frequency Beings – All the Dweller Souls have incarnated FF in at least one incarnation.




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