Aeriopax as Stargate

Complete Flower of Life Lattice
Complete Flower of Life Lattice


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It need be understood how the aeriopax works with stargates (and most especially the planetary ascension gate).

Thoth: “It is the 44:44 Star Grail itself that allows the passage from the Star of David’s numeric and consciousness of 6, to the star tetrahedron’s 8 via the Star Grail’s numeric of 7 (i.e. 44:44: 4+4+4+4=16=7). Once the star tetrahedral merkabah has taken passage through the Black Cube (Oritron / anti-universe / Dark Star habitation) via the Pillar of Light into the Maha-Rhim membrane, it is met by the 9 faced ennead merkabic jewel of the Masters (this is not the multiuniversal Ennead of Seraphimic energies which Thoth receives his dictates from) that absorbs the star tetrahedron and provides further passage into a star pentahedron’s numeric of 10. A star pentahedron is formed by two 4 sided pyramids interpenetrating one another similar to the way a star tetrahedron is formed. At this point the enneadic vehicle is not immediately transformed, but as the individuals being transported within the ennead merkabah are now in the New Earth Star ascended reality, so they truly become the hue-mons of the Adam Kadmon once again. When these individuals reach a certain resonant harmonic with the Spirit-nine vibration of the enneadic transport vehicle as a new world dynamic, they will then become the star pentahedron with its numeric of 10, as this nine-foldness is centered within the ten. At this point the vehicle representing the 9 is absorbed by the star pentahedron and its numeric of 10 completely. Transport has thus been accomplished into the Cube of Stars (Metatron / Light universe / White Star habitation).”

The areiopax is the inside core “deliverer of the package” – found within the Star of David merkabah, as a vehicle for Ascension. Remember, Thoth calls the 44:44 Ascension Stargate the “Star Grail.” As such, when the whole dynamic spins, it creates a CUP as a torsion field, which becomes the crucible for transport.


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The aeriopax or Isis Eye, keeps the whole dynamic inviolate. Otherwise, it may become distorted by the field it is attempting to escape.

The Elixis Mundi is the nectar of the combined frequencies of PURE Consciousness / Form / Geometry that brings together the total movement of the Divine within all being of a planet – in this case, Earth. Thus as the areiopax spins, so the vibration of that which is included in the process through intention (people and/or local) is raised to the EM vibration, at which point a Flower of Life complete pattern is arrayed across the full intentional grid. This then, becomes the final point of transfer.


A friend found these amazing images just the other day! So relates to the areiopax Ascension geometry.

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