Mari Magdalene and the Elixis Mundi

Before we delve into the Magdalene connection with Elixis Mundi, let us take a closer look at Her from the perspective of the Thoth Akasha.

** Mari of Magdalene was a real person. She was not a harlot but a priestess of the Magda, an order of women in the purest of Essene tradition. There were several different Essenic branches in those days, but only one that followed the most ancient Way, which came from MU (Lemuria), via Atlantis and then Egypt. I’shoa-Yeshua-Jesus was also from that same Essenic Order.

Mari was a cousin to Yeshua. She also became his spiritual partner at a very early age. There was not consummation until after His resurrection and ascension. This took place on the Isle of Iona. From this one miraculous act, a son was conceived, named John Martinus. Mari continued the Christic Work, along with her son, Yeshua’s mother and others, until her death.

** The Magdalene Living Archetype – Thoth differentiates between regular archetypes and “living” archetypes. The latter are archetypes which carry such a powerful charge within the spiritual psyche that they literally are “alive” with responsive dimension and scope and truly embody the light quantum of that which their image represents. For instance, Thoth is also a living archetype, as is Jesus Christ. A white dove is a living archetype as is a Christian Cross or a Star of David. Mickey Mouse is not (sorry Mickey). note: Living archetypes do not have to have once been or still alive in the flesh. They are spiritually enlivened through the thought and emotion of the individual who summons them.

Thus, whenever we call upon Mari Magdalene we are drawing from her living archetype, which in the case of a once living being, is divining her soul. 

In such instances one can truly embody the living archetype – the ordinance of that soul identified with the archetype. They are not incarnating the soul of the archetype, but they are receiving the shining mantle of spiritual inheritance from it. This mantle may abide with them for a short period of time, many years, or the rest of their life. In the case of some individuals acting under divine authority, these mantles are woven into their archetypes as well!

Now let us turn to the Elixis Mundi. This is not just the name of the OAP’s new Light Program. It is a mantle of service. This kind of spiritual mantle was archetypified by Lord Melchizedek when he came to establish the Heaven Houses and Temple in MU. It is not an archetype anyone today would recognize, but it was eternally set into the etheric by Melchizedek, and so it remains.

As a member of the Essene of the Pure (as they called themselves) and a priestess of the Magda, Mari was “mantled” with the Elixis Mundi, along with her betrothed, I’shoa.

Elixis Mundi is the Arising to a supernal state of being, This very act is a Christic ordinance. It is important to realize that the true essence of the Elixis Mundi is really the elixir of CHRIST, as the Universal Christosaphora. It is the ARISING of all corporal being and experience into the supernal state.

Thoth informs me that there is an Areiopax geometry format which will trigger a response from the archetype of Mari Magdalene, through her Elixis Mundi soul mantle. I will be working on defining this format.

To Be Continued . . .

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