Aeriopax in Reshel Formats



My longtime colleague and friend, William Buehler has worked with my Thoth material since the 1980’s. He has incorporated it into his sacred geometry and group synergy formats. It is complex, but good stuff! For those who wish to become a part of the Elixis Mundi Light Program, you might wish to as least take a peek at some of Bill’s diagrams that incorporate the Areiopax-Isis Eye. Here is what Bill has to say and then the links he provided.

A footnote: “Reshel” is something Thoth gave me many years ago, but Bill has taken it to the Moon and back with his development of the Reshel system.


It’s the high-end of the RESHEL Metatronic Breastplate (of 24) which includes the Pyramid energetics.  The Aeriopax combines two Reshel phased formats.  These are a few graphics related to any deep study you’d possibly want to do.  The AERIOPAX is the key to the LP-40 TRANSITION (ASCENSION), also to be used by every human making the Transition… critically important… they all support Thoth/Maia’s cosmology:

Thoth/Maia noted that the RESHEL is the main Metatronic system used in all 20-Cycles, keying into all cultures, religions, et al.  It was/is also used by the TEMPLARS in temple design and operation (includes Eye of Ra time-gates).  this is the most advanced version of the Pyramid, et al, so far. Used by a crop formation.   Basic ISIS-Eye: RESHEL geometry (half of it, the other half is the same but a mirror image… keys to the Flashing Universe, etc).  Geometry symbolizes major systems phased together.  The “Eye of Ra” time-gate not shown but is the main system in this; a golden-ratio rhombus format. The ISIS-EYE (Reshel) contains 4 other Metatronic breastplates (listed here).  The NEUTRA-UNIVERSE or “ULTA” is rarely shown in the Reshel geometry but is the basic creation field for the whole thing.  (shown in lower right with Thoth’s symbol: the “Trident”)  Install in self with breaths


Here is something of mine on the Areiopax Bill found that I have not previously included in this current Areiopax study for Elixis Mundi.

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