Thoth “opens the scroll” as he would say, to a deeper understanding of the whole Elixis Mundi Light Program…

The meaning of the name: Elixis is elixir and Mundi is world.  Thus, Elixir of the World. However, Thoth offers more to these words. An elixir is a potion that is transformational in some way, and in the more recent past was applied to alchemy.  Thoth’s meaning would be: an elemental quickening, becoming a liquid vapor of solvency.  Hmmm….so what does that mean? It is an Arising, a lifting of the supernal from within the elements to combine with the essence of the sublime and thus be transformed into L I G H T   S U P E R N A L!

The components of the Elixis Mundi Light Program thus far revealed to me are:

** The Aeriopax-Isis Eye Dynamic – the core component to the activational process

** The Dweller Crystal Skulls – anchors and Light Code LIGHT-braries for the program

** The Elixir – a monatomic essence which will arise from within the physical body. This essence will not only be transforming to that body. To what degree, would depend on several factors. Among them being the individual’s personal attunement to the processes and the group attunement. Also, this Elixir Factor will create a powerful monatomic transmission into the Earth itself, through the Portals (of sacred sites) where the processes with the Aeriopax are initiated.

** Andara Crystal-Glass – The Andaras work closely on a vibrational level with the Dweller Crystal Skulls. This unique crystal-glass also contains a form of monatomic vibration that is not usually detectable through scientific analysis, but very powerful nonetheless. Thoth’s presentation of what the higher states of monatomic essence is, is beyond current scientific or even meta-science understanding.

** Sound – vocal toning / chants, tuning forks, bowls, bells, etc.

** Light and Color – in the form of natural sunlight, lasers, prisms, etc

**Dimensional Portals – last but not least.

The primary color rays of the Elixis Mundi are EMERALD
with quantum flickers of GOLD (or a rich gold-yellow).

To Be Continued . . .

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