Time Lines – Choosing Our Future

Can we choose? YES we can!

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9 thoughts on “Time Lines – Choosing Our Future

  1. Hi Maia,

    Interesting you should mention that you contributed to the Montauk Project books. Peter never told me. Can you tell which ones? Then again, I kind of never mentioned to you that I was part of the Montauk Project. You can read about that here: http://www.montuakgirl.wordpress.com Perhaps Thoth might have some insight on some of that.



    1. Peter would not know me as Maia Nartoomid but as Christine Hayes. I don’t remember the name of the first book but it was on the Montauk Project. The other one I contributed to was on the Nazis and Order of the Black Sun. Both were small contributions – maybe a paragraph or two. The link above says that page doesn’t exist anymore. Would have liked to read it though.


  2. Watched part of time line….. interesting…..I have read many different books…….are time walker same a walk in……..Ruth Montgomery mentions WALK IN……Hawaii as being a special place…..Soooo will pray help are connect to higher power…….and get us to a better place. God bless you! SIGNED…..Syd McK


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