Time Lines – Choosing Our Future

Can we choose? YES we can!

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9 thoughts on “Time Lines – Choosing Our Future

  1. Hi Maia,

    Interesting you should mention that you contributed to the Montauk Project books. Peter never told me. Can you tell which ones? Then again, I kind of never mentioned to you that I was part of the Montauk Project. You can read about that here: http://www.montuakgirl.wordpress.com Perhaps Thoth might have some insight on some of that.



  2. Watched part of time line….. interesting…..I have read many different books…….are time walker same a walk in……..Ruth Montgomery mentions WALK IN……Hawaii as being a special place…..Soooo will pray help are connect to higher power…….and get us to a better place. God bless you! SIGNED…..Syd McK


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