Surnaleis – Diamond Fire



A new hosting skull added to our Osiris Arising Project! Surnaleis was the name of the female Dweller, and her true crystal skull is to be found in a cavern beneath the Bogega Bay headlands of Northern California.

Sholar SiStar, Pamela Minton, who is already guardian for another hosting crystal skull, has accepted to guardian the Diamond Fire host as well.

She took her to Bogega Bay for a uniting ceremony with the true Dweller Skull. Here is her story and photographs of this experience.


(Pamela) Last Sat. I came to the Bogega Bay headlands to do an initiation. The dweller when this her skull was formed in Crystal was Surnaleis Diamond Fire. She lived in this area and was of the tribe called Koutous. According to Maia they were involved in mining a very specific type of Diamond and it was not the type of mining that pillages the Earth. Possibly I felt through sound. I was led to a spot above the entrance of Bodega Bay, a spot close to where Sir Francis Drake first sailed upon arriving here. Maia stated that this area of Northern California where I live was part of ancient Mu/ Lemur at one point and I found an old map with the picture below as well.

My home is on north side of Mt. Tamalpais on what is called Monte Christos. I have been to another place in the headlands of Main that I feel too is deeply connected with all this but Maia showed me a picture where I was to go as well that was a cliff high above the ocean. these pictures hardly do justice to the majesty of this area. The other spot I had posted before was a bit south and not as close to the sea even though one did see the ocean. I had heard of this spot from Deanne Clough, who knows a Shamin who often goes there for ceremony. Deanne had been there. She is in this OA group. She graciously showed me where it was. I felt instantly after checking a couple other spots that this was the spot I was to go to initiate my skull..and call in Surnames. We even saw a beetle burrowing as we began the hike.

As we climbed the hill, the sunny sky quickly disappeared by the incoming northern Cal marine layer as soon as we arrived but a Silver Ray of Light shown brightly as if to say ” this is it” the moment we started climbing the steep grade. It lit up upon our arrival as we reached the amazing point of land jutting out in to the Pacific and it lit up the sea again as we were closing our initiation ceremony. I am grateful to Deanne for all her help. It took both our strength to carry Surnaleis up the mountain. I asked permission to do ceremony.

The seabirds began to fly around us and 7 pelicans soared in the sky directly in front at our level high above the sea. We hailed the four direction, the center of Gaia, our Stellar families, ancestors and within our hearts. We made offerings of nuts and cranberries to the land creatures and the elementals, acknowledging Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Acknowledging gratitude to Maia, all the Sholar Sistars, and Thoth, I went into mediation. I saw a column of Golden light come down from the heavens and I saw what seemed to be millions somewhat violet triangles within this column of Golden light that then turned into diamond shapes. They were within the column of Light. I then saw what appeared to be a purple hued mountain with yet another, and then another within another one inside it and another and another going on infinitely. I the saw a face, and heard the words ” I am in Joy to be here. ” It was truly a joyous feeling! I will take Surnaleis to the other spot as well.




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