Iraq Stargate & Anunnaki Caches



I recently saw on the web an article (which I now can’t find) on the possibility that the ransacking of the Iraq Museum in Bagdad in 2003 was not only managed by the US Military (it was) but in search of something of an off-planet creation which they believed was beneath the museum…possibly a Stargate device.

Many years ago I had been shown in the Thothic Akasha that Saddim Hussien had access to ancient underground tunnels and chambers where some Anunnaki caches still remained.

Is there a Stargate down there somewhere? I have received that it is – under the Temple of Ur (as some suspect) which is not far from the Iraq Museum.

The following is an article I wrote in 2003.



In communion with the Merkabah of the Host of the IAC (Illumined Assembly of the Christos), I received the following:

The ransacking of the museum at the ancient ruins of Babylon in Iraq triggered the release of an ancient energy seal in the earth at that point on the planet. This seal is one of many in the ancient Assyrian lands that are and will be released there through the karmic shifting currently ongoing in the Middle East. While these seals could have be opened more gracefully than by the means humanity is choosing, spirit moves through any and all means available to it.

The Middle East contains the memory and magnetic templates of a mixture of world formats, each one holding a key to future potentials in the planetary transformation. Babylon is an especially prime node in this dynamic.

The ancient Babylon offered a great variation of life, from the most profane to the most sacred. The memory point or magnetic node among these, which the IAC is activating now that the seal is removed, is one of great radiance for the earth at this time. It comes from an as yet unearthed library buried beneath the city. It contains a room in which Hesilik avatars chanted sacred verse into the very walls of the chamber (called Aph’ta’hak). This “verse” was filled with a true spiritual “Christic Presence” and had been chanted and sung through many generations, starting in the days of Atlantis, by the lineage that these avatars held.

Just as when between March 26 and April 7, 2003 we were invited to join Sirafana of the IAC Merkabah of the Host for 13 days in the inner earth celestial harmonics she was working with, now the opening of this ancient sounding is being received into the current ethers of the planet. Yet there is more to come. . . much more. The release of the verse and psalms recorded within the Aph’ta’hak chanting chamber will trigger other seals needing to be released, most specifically (but not exclusively) in the Middle East.

I was shown by the Merkabah of the Host an analogy of a great whirlwind. A sandstorm in the desert, coming quickly, rising into a deep sapphire sky. This wind storm was, however, not foreboding. It was cleansing and purifying. . . a rapture of spirit cleaning all the old flesh away to the bone and opening a new space for the growth of the planetary radiant body.

A FOOTNOTE: Beneath the Chamber of Aph’ta’hak there is the tomb of Par’kaim, the Master Avatar of the Hesilik linage. His remains are buried with a talisman held in his left hand-the Seal of Ben’ah. Like all those who have been entombed through ritual, there is a strong magnetic field around his sarcophagus. This field will also be activated as the Aph’ta’hak once again sings to the world. In a later incarnation, the soul of Par’kaim entered life as John the Baptist. This soul is one who is drawn into incarnation as a predecessor to specific key spiritual events (i.e., the life of the Master Isho’a/Jesus). It is interesting also, that among the many divergent tribes of Iraq, there is one Kurdish tribe (or lineage) that comes directly out of the Hesilik linaege.


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One thought on “Iraq Stargate & Anunnaki Caches

  1. At some point One feels all we can do is focus on creating love through our heart’s and third eye Stargates . I have heard years ago that Israel is a huge Stargate as well and that is why there is so much conflict there.
    I saw this a Stargates the indigenous know about here in the US in Arizona the other day.
    I don’t know if it has any truth to it but feel it is. When some people’s perceptions of the meaning behind Biblical stories are passed turnaround I hesitate to post.
    But this is interesting.

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