Illumined Assembly of the Christos

I'SHOA (Jesus) art by Maia
I’SHOA (Jesus) art by Maia


In 2003 I was introduced by Thoth to the Illumined Assembly of the Christos. The following article is from that year. FYI: Thoth in his Raismes form, is among the 12 Merkabah of the Hosts dwelling within the Interior of the Earth. (He also has another embodiment still with Earth as well as his New Earth ThothHorRa form…well, those are the ones I actually know of!)


IAC is an acronym for “Illumined Assembly of the Christos.” This is an overall grouping of 144,000 beings who hold a specific ray of spiritual focus for the earth. They are in various planes of existence, including the physical plane of earth, the inner planes of the earth, and the inner earth as a subtler manifest reality within the hollow core of our planet. There are additionally 12 of these beings within the overall IAC who are called the “Merkabah of the Host,” and we use “MOH” as an acronym for them as well. These 12 beings form a merkabic vehicle for the “Host,” – i.e. the soul of the being we knew as Isho’a [Yeshua/Jesus] – so that this being may continue to illumine the earth with It’s spiritual effulgence and radiations. You can access the energies and consciousness transmitting through the Merkabah of the Host by meditating with the IAC Logos. Meditation upon this Logos imagery can create an attunement for accessing the central dynamic processing through the Merkabah of the Host and therefore the Christos Ray as projected by the soul of Isho’a within the earth’s collective consciousness.

a more detailed overview

The Illumined Assembly of the Christos (IAC) is a gathering of souls incarnate in this planet who anchor the Christic energy into the earth by holding the Christic etheric patterns of crystalline Light geometry in Sacred Presence within their matrix. There are 144,000 of these souls maintaining this Presence at all times, this being the number of Nine-Foldness within the Divine Atom.

The members of the General Assembly or “Aarkios” reside within the planet and upon its surface. Those living upon the surface for the most part dwell in quite remote regions, and those within the interior of the earth dwell in the cavern areas within the naturally hollow interior of the planet. All of the Aarkios are fully consciously aware that they are a part of the General Assembly of the IAC.

The Merkabah of the Host is a grouping of twelve souls within the General Assembly of the IAC. These twelve are at its core, facilitating a gathering and focusing of the pure vibration of the Christos into a Sacred Presence in the earth. This activity establishes resonance with the most fundamental patterns of the Fire in the Sacred Heart, thus strengthening it within the earth’s collective consciousness experience.

It was the Master Isho’a (Yeshua/Jesus) who incarnated the Christic Flame to it’s greatest degree of completion in the earth according to my inner sources. He is now in embodiment within the star-sun planet of Rigel in the constellation of Orion. However, his etheric body is not limited to space and time. His vehicle, both etheric and physical, is the Chalice-Rose at the center of the Merkabah of the Host, for he is the “Host.” This Master Being opens and expands awareness of the spiritual-streaming of billions of sacred star-suns as a Christic power within the individual soul.

This Master Soul facilitates and awakens a node of supreme and most Sacred Presence, a “Living Light,” for all creatures and beings upon the earth. This “Living Light” is inherent within every being, and through the Christic Presence it is activated to its fullest potential. The “Christos” is LOVE manifested as GRACE through COMPASSION. Viewed with this understanding, there is no single religion or tradition that can encompass the totality of the Sacred Presence of All Being.

The current primary purpose of the Merkabah of the Host is to sustain the vibrational register of the “Host” — meaning the Isho’an incarnational vehicle — and to further perpetuate the subtle threads of its eternal weaving within the subtle octaves of the planetary harmonic. Isho’a’s current stellar embodiment in Rigel is a part of a greater program of Light which is destined to unify the consciousness and awareness we call “earth” with the totality of the ONE GREAT LOVE. Through the Merkabah of the Host and incorporation of the Christic Archangel Arhaiel and the Sun Spirit which Isho’a hosted within his incarnation on earth, the Christos Ray is being fanned into a burning coal within the heart of the earth and in the hearts of every living being on this planet.

While most of the General Assembly are generally extremely long-lived by our standards, it is only the twelve Merkabah of the Host souls who are not touched by any form of decay within their physical bodies. They can release their physical forms at will but have not done so since at least a thousand years before the birth of Isho’a.

All of these twelve beings dwell within the interior of the planet, but come into the sacred hidden valleys of the Himalayas and the Andes on the surface of the earth for specific gatherings with the Aarkios. These two mountain ranges sequester remote protected valleys and caverns which are very thinly connected to this dimension of time and space. It is within two specific valleys — the Valley of the Blue Star in the Himalayas of Tibet, and the Valley of the Three Crescents in the Andes of Peru, that the Illumined Assembly of the Christos gathers with their Merkabah of the Host.

They do this as an act of holding divine presence upon the surface of this world. At these times, the core “Host Merkabah” radiates a Light of unearthly brilliance into the crystalline matrix of the earth. Most of the “Keios,” or Merkabah of the Host, have never had incarnations among the surface populations of the earth. There are a few exceptions, but their lives were led upon the surface earth in a way that was not enmeshed within the mass consciousness. This required a significant effort on the part of many beings in concert with them. The twelve Keios souls also once held a Sacred Presence and rayship with the twelve traditionally known apostles [and many not so well known as well] of Isho’a during that Divine Incarnation.





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