Arcadia StarStreams Part III

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ARCADIA Activational Video


3 thoughts on “Arcadia StarStreams Part III

  1. Maia, hello the 21st May in Australia “An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1, unusually powerful for Australia, has struck outside of Alice Springs.

    The quake hit at 4:14am, 125 kilometres west of Uluru, at a depth of about 10 kilometres, according to Geoscience Australia.”



  2. Maia, hello
    The Egg has cracked the Benu Bird sighted once more.
    The revealing of the Gem.

    You wrote some time ago now re “The Benu Egg at Akhenaten’s Temple of Ata’Ru” in Spirt Mythos.
    can you expand on this please re your current works and the arcadia streams
    [as I ..assume they , the arcadia streams, initiated this arising]
    thank you




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