The Tree of Life – Thothic Protocol


Before viewing please read…

I put quite a lot of work into this video and had intended it for my Kyi’Ra Members Portal. However, my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa requested that it be released to all, as it is an intended insertion at this time, to reach as many as possible.

The actual protocol was given to me around 2002 and can be found in written form on my Spirit Mythos Archives site. This spoken-visual version is far more powerful, as it was originally imprinted by Thoth into his Akashic Record to be delivered as a transmission through sound to the initiate of his Temple.

As Thoth has revealed to me, his works were not written down by him. He inserted it into his Akashic Library, and from there his scribes translated portions of it into “books” for a physical library, still beneath the sands of Egypt where once stood the City of On (An).

Thus was this Protocol included in a Akasha translated book – The Tongue of the Lion – the “tongue” of which is a tree spiraling out of the mouth of the lion.

As you listen to and watch this video, it is important to dis-engage the mind as much as possible and simply allow the power of the words to enter your being.

This Tree of Life Protocol was used as one of the steps in preparing the initiates at Thoth’s University of On for the Arising of Osiris initiation. Currently, it will aid the individual in preparation for the Three-Fold Streaming of May 29th, 2016.


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5 thoughts on “The Tree of Life – Thothic Protocol

  1. I will totally share this Maia,
    Thank you and is resonant with my tree of life symbolisms that I have been gifted by my Universal teams and that I have also written about – why these tree’s and symbolisms are so very key for the human initiations into cosmic breath and interaction within the Universal family ~
    thank you for including me on the list ~
    Love, Unity, and light,
    Universal Unity


  2. Dear Maia, This touches me in every aspect of my being, and takes me to the depths of my soul and outward to distant realities, envisioning atomic particles in sparkling light dancing in platinum, golden and other-worldly colors. I feel it a profound I hope to listen to it and your voice often. The sensory aspect of this takes me into a place that merely reading the words can not. Thank you.


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