Osiris as the Fifth Lord



I recently came across this in my archived Temple Doors 1-2 1992 issue…

…the 29 gates of initiation into the Great Pyramid of Giza, or “Temple of the Lion’ as THOTH refers to it; which brings the initiate to the Threshold of the Greater Order. Beyond that Threshold, all is made new – that is, souls are no longer bound to the Karmic World. Half of the way to the top of they pyramid, which is 14 ½ paces, brings us to the sacred ‘Heart’, just above the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. In the Myth of Osiris, he was killed by his brother Seth, and cut into 14 pieces. It was Isis’ search for the 14 pieces of her brother/husband’s body that reconciled the negative act of Seth with the positive resurrection of Osiris. The remaining 1.2 pace, THOTH tells me, is the new element of being. It is a left over fraction given to humanity, so as not to repeat the karmic wheel in exact duplication, allowing the earth to receive its ‘New Earth Star’ consciousness.

In Dictionary of All Myths and Scriptures, is also found Osiris. Gaskell defines this archetype as “A symbol of the First Logos, the Higher Self’. He also states that Osiris was the first of ‘five gods’. THOTH called Osiris the ‘Fifth Lord’…

Upon reading Gaskell’s interpretation, I asked THOTH to reconcile the two explanations (if indeed, there is a reconciliation). First, he defines for me the difference between the Logos, the Lord, and the God: The Logos is the Word, the definition of Being that is given forth. Osiris, as the first syllable of Creation, is the First Logos. In this context, Osiris is on e of the ‘Lords’ or multi-entities of Zarathustra. He is also, in mythological importance, a ‘god’ or creating factor, i.e. that which brings forth the Logos. He is a ‘Fifth Lord’ because as the First Logos, so he incorporates all the ‘gods’, or as Gaskell defines it, ‘five planes of manifestation’. As a fifth principle of the Zarathustrian being, he is given the task or reuniting these five planes in one harmonic. Christ is the “First Lord”, who is the consummation of these five plane realities as THE LOGOS – not first, second or third, but THE Supreme Logos of all Creation. He is the ‘First Lord’, as he precedes all being into Matter. The danger in trying to take this all in is that one looses the original consciousness intended, which is the reorganization of Matter into a Light engendered harmony with Spirit.

The Isis Voyager Three-Fold Phoenix Rising journey is an obvious energetic of the Fifth Lord Power – that of Osiris/ Gilgamesh. I suggest you review pp. 4-6 of Temple Doors issue # 4-90 – Especially the definition of the Fifth Lord. To quote from #4-90: “This ‘rising whirling fire’(meaning of Gilgamesh) can also be revealed as the staff of Osiris/Gilgamesh, the ‘dragon’s teeth’ stuck into the ground. Without the dynamic of Spirit – to – Matter, the Black Cube cannot realize its Light value (i.e. the ORMID/Light Cube).”

Well, Hot Damn (if I may say so)!

This was a transmission given to me long before my more current (2015) knowledge of the Osiris Arising Project. Yet is all fits together beautifully.

To place the above into current context, it is also important to read Return of the Fifth Lord.


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