He Is Risen


OSIRIS, thou art the Receptacle, the Vault of Stars that separates the Pillars of Heaven for the Initiate. To whom doth thy Word enliven, but he who is made vivid in thy Light and whose limbs become supple in the fragrance of thy breath?

~ an excerpt from The Summoning, an Egyptian Book of Holy Rites (akashic translation by Maia)


EASTER to me is not a religious event but a reminder of an actual, physical happening which was  recorded by persons not truly capable (in that day and age) of understanding it.

Jesus (I’shoa) wished to impart to those of his era – and of future generations – that there was more, much more, to LIFE that what they or we see and experience on the surface of our everyday living.  With the Ressurection, he was demonstrating it in a way that transformed the thinking (eventually) of millions of people. It is unfortunate that religious doctrine seized onto it and made it a “them or us” kind of thing (you believe OUR way and you get to live Eternally), but nevertheless His intention was for each Heart and Mind to receive understanding directly. It is our choice whether we do or not.

I’SHOA and OSIRIS shared a soul. Both demonstrated the ARISING, which is more than simply taking up the body. It is completing the full cycle of one life experience, and moving into the next. When we leave behind the vessel to slowly decay it actually creates a spiritual residue you might say, that attracts souls back into old cyclic incarnational patterns. Cremation releases much of this, but it is still falling short of taking a cellular living form  into the supernal LIGHT with the Soul into a complete merging of the One.

When on the Cross, I’shoa declared “It is finished” he confirmed that the cycle of Christic Infusion he brought through into the center of this planet and into the heart seed atoma of humanity had been accomplished. The Christic Archangel which had entered the incarnation with the Pure Soul of I’shoa, had succeeded in transferring the Christic Codes of MAZURIEL into the Planetary Genius of the Earth through the vessel of I’shoa. The Archangel then departed and the Osiris soul (who had left the body at baptism and returned at Crucifixion to aid the Pure Soul through the final initiation of the Blood Path, then brought the Pure Soul to Rest…to await the Resurrection and Ascension – both  of which marked the entrance of humanity into the Path of the White Stone. (Red Road-Blood Path and White Road-Path of Grace).


From the Gnostic Teachings we read…

…the Egyptians tried to preserve the Neptunian-Amentian atoms – since, you know, the atoms in the physical body of each one of us are related with our own psyche. So the people who have that capacity of seeing the ultra, the internal dimensions, are physically imbibed, nourished with the energies of the internal worlds; their physicality nourishes with it since they opened the doors of Amenti in order for their psyche to enter and to see internally. For instance, when you go to the forest, you are imbibed with the forces of the forest. When you enter into the ocean, you are taking the atoms of that water into your body. So in the same way, at that time in the Egyptian civilization, all of the great Egyptian initiates were having their physical atoms imbibed with the forces of Neptune, thus they knew all of this because it was easy for them to see the internal worlds and physical world. Their bodies were precisely the bodies of magicians. Likewise, the bodies of the great pharaohs of Egypt were specially acquainted with it. They were not kings or emperors like in this day and age that only see what is close to their nose. They had the pineal gland developed and could see beyond the third dimension; they saw the fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh dimension.

This is why some initiates were preparing themselves in order to help this future humanity. For this, they were mummifying their bodies. They were preserving their physical bodies; this was the reason for mummifying them. The bodies were preserved with special elemental forces in order for the physical atoms to retain those Neptunian-Amentian forces, so their soul – who eventually will reincarnate in these times, who were related with those mummies of ancient Egypt – will receive the benefit, since the atoms of those mummies still are related with those vibrations of the Neptunian-Amentian civilization. There are many mummies in other places, since not only the Egyptians were experts in that. So, the main reason for mummification was in order to help humanity.

Archaeologists only have discovered bodies that are mummified with certain elements; they do not know why, but they invent theories, stories about it, i.e. they state that Egyptians believed that after death and after the body is mummified, their soul can go to this or to that X place and many stories based on a 100% ignorance.

The reason for mummification is this: there are many initiates whose bodhisattvas fell in this Kali Yuga, Dark Age, whose physical bodies that they had at that time, when they were incarnated in the past, in Egypt, still exist. It is not rare for these initiates when they enter into a certain level of initiation to discover that they have a mummy in Egypt. There are many mummies. Archaeologists have discovered some of them, but there are many more; mummies that are waiting there in order for initiates in these present times to reach a certain level of initiation in order for them to recover those Neptunian atoms for their own spiritual development, in order to remember the past.

In the past, there have been many initiates whose bodies were placed into suspended animation – not mummies, but a deep state of Samadhi. The soul then departs, but the body remains incorruptible and leaves behind it’s atoma, so that it can be revived by that soul at a future time. The mummies of Egypt were on the tail-end of this practice, you might say.

The original purpose of suspended bodies was to keep energetic DNA frequencies running in the earth matrix for all future humanity to draw upon. This is quite similar to the purpose of Dweller Crystal Skulls, but there are some major differences.

The bodies are transmitting actual DNA encoding  into the common genetic matrix, while the Crystal Skulls are sending information of Pure Light Memory patterns into the DNA families through the shared holographic field.

I’shoa did not leave his body behind for this purpose as His task was to gather up all the trapped cycles of the Blood Path and open the WAY for the White Path – the Path of Grace, so necessary of planetary ascension and everything in-between. He DID leave his shroud behind – his blood upon it, which serves to ignite certain key “Flames” in the Light Inscription of the Earth, as we – humanity – Quicken to his Being. I am not speaking here of “accepting Jesus as your Savior.” I am talking quantum physics. You don’t have to believe in the “Jesus Story” to receive it.

My akashic images of I’shoa

Torhannah (incarnation of Mother Mary in suspended state)

The Sun Kings (suspended 12 Enochian Masters)





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