Vault of Osiris and the 30 Spirit Tribes (revisited)


The following is from issue 3-1996 of my archived Temple Doors issues. At that time I did not know all that I do now concerning the Vault of Osiris – within the context of the quantum dynamics of the Osiris Arising Project when began in January of 2015. Yet it found within it all the keynotes I / we are working with now in the Osiris Arising Project. Most prominently the Vault of Osiris and the Sacred Bloodlines ( found in ALL humanity) which the Dweller Beings hold in perpetuity for us.



Thoth has told us that there are two ‘vaults’ in the heavens which correspond to the Vault of Osiris within the Great Pyramid. One is in Ursa Major which is a future interface with Earth, and thus with the Osiris Vault of the Giza Pyramid Temple. The other is our passageway to past and future, and this is in the constellation of Orion. It is within Orion that the Universal Tear plummeted through the matter-zones of substantiation, rending a separation from the Metatronic full Light spiral. Thus in Orion we can find the labyrinth that leads us Home.

The Great Pyramid was once called the Temple of the Lion, and before that the Temple of the Risen One. The Records of Thoth reveal that the Osirian Vault is located underneath the surface structure of the Pyramid. It was in this sacred chamber that Mystery Rites and work in supernal sciences were conducted. Thoth gives us an understanding of the sacred purpose and procedure of the Vault of Osiris within the Great Pyramid:


Thoth: Light embryos were received from Orion into the Temple Vault upon specialized beams of Light in order to seed the Earth’s vine in a most sacred way, well beyond the current concepts of genetic manipulation.

Also, through its crystalline matrix the Temple Vault created a logia field, which allowed direct transport of soul and body into the consciousness planes of the greater stars, the realms of the Living Lights (stellar-angelic habitations).

From the Vault of Osiris in Orion to its shadow vault in the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid), the stellar configurations of endogenetic coding were recapitulated into the matter-bodies of those ancients who sought to regain the ‘Lost Kingdom’ within the cells.

There was a sacred ceremony enacted in the shadow Vault of Osiris eons ago, in which the astral body of a priestess would carry Osiris’ heart through the passage (of the Pyramid) into the greater Vault of Heaven, so that it may be filled as a Grail Cup with the current Light programs of the Age. In actuality, this ritual allowed a feminine charge to touch the fallen and trapped Light Seed in the Earth and quicken it into receipt of these current Light codes, so that like Osiris, the slain body…

Out of the star endogenetics in the Heavenly Vault of Osiris, are formed the body parts of the Adam Kadmon, of which Osiris represents an evolutionary aspect. These parts are integrated into the genetics of the human race through 38 strands of recursive stellar information within the human etheric genetics or ‘paragenetics’. These ‘strands’ are the straillium. 30 of these strands or straillium have nested in the descended Earth through the 30 Spirit Tribes. The remaining 8 strands compose the stellar configurations of soul frequency bandwidths involved in the higher evolution of this planet, which continue to exist in advanced DNA templates of the Adam Kadmon. Such beings as Thoth are from these templates.

In Elizabeth Van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse  (out of print) we read about a book written by Maurice Leblanc entitled,The Island of Thirty Circles:

In the story a curious document, found in the papers of an old man, reveals the plan of an underground system of caverns close to a place called Sarek. The plan indicates the entrance which is on the black lands. The black land was the name given by the ancient Egyptians to their country. The treasure that is sought in the book by Mauric Leblanc is the Stone of God ‘that gives life or death. The story relates that a tribe of Celtic peoples once moved across Europe bearing an important treasure with them, a sacred heritage of their ancestors, a divine object which gave them protection. It was the stone which covered the tomb of their King.

Van Buren also writes that before the Celts had the “Stone of God”, it was “in the possession of a group of people who guarded and treasured it (and it was) brought underground to the hidden chambers.” There are three tombs mentioned in the description of the hidden chambers. They were said to be “the death chambers of three great Chiefs.

I asked Thoth for more information concerning the story. He opened the scroll for me into the akashic records to reveal the following. The story by Leblanc is based upon the journey of the 30 Spirit Tribes reflected paragenetically through a Hyperborean descended people, who after the Atlantean deluge became nomadic when their northern region of land slipped beneath the seas. These people contained the genetic and paragenetic seeds for the entire 30 Spirit Races of mankind, which when brought together with the remaining eight advanced straillium or strands, will form a physical vehicle for the regenerated Adam Kadmon.

The Hyperboreans contained Sirian blood, but this particular Hyperborean family within the greater race, also held the genetic codes of the 30 Spirit Races through a mixture of five tribes. Thoth names these as Lemurian, Atlantean, Noechian, Hokamai and Katoomi. In the Keys of Enoch  they are defined as Enochian (Lemurian), Sethian (Atlantean), Noachian (Noechian) and Davidic (Hokamai). Thoth also adds ‘Canian’ for Katoomi as the fifth tribe.

The Sirian genetics of the Hyperboreans included a special gene that allowed the blending of DNA with various universal families. It also accelerated the process of DNA grouping assimilation, which is the associative bonding of like DNA hologramic fields. Through DNA grouping assimilation the true evolution of a species occurs.

However, the Hyperborean strain was not pure Sirian, but a blend of that star race with the Earth’s races. Thus it operated under certain handicaps which we were not revealed to me. There were two more star races within these northern people – the Orionian and the Pleiadean. The people who carried the gene strands of the five Earth families and three star races, were originally called
the Mazur. As they began their nomadic journey, they traveled through many lands. A branch of the Mazur became the Tuatha de Dannan. I had previously been given information on this latter tribe, which has been discussed in previous issues of Temple Doors. Other branches occurred through the centuries, but the greater body of the Mazur, the one profiled as Celts in the story referred to by Van Buren, had the blood of many races flowing through their veins eventually including the Celts. By that time the Dannan branch had rejoined to some extent with the Mazur after the former had entered the realm of the Sidhe-Faerie. Thus the Hebraic via the Tribe
of Dan, and the Sidhe-Faerie were co-mingled with the original Mazur lineage, after this occurred the Mazur had the full cauldron within their keep. They were the true inheritors of the San Graal, the Grail Bloodline. It was from this bloodline that the Christ would come forth through the House of David, a direct Mazur descendancy.

Elizabeth Van Buren speaks of a refuge for these people somewhere on the continent of Europe, an “island guarded by 30 rocks”. I asked Thoth where this refuge was located geographically, and if they settled there before or after the birth of Jesus Christ. He revealed that they first arrived there before Jesus’ birth by only 250 years. The place is in what is now known as Steiermark, Austria. By the time they reached this sanctuary, they were less than 1,000 people. They isolated themselves in the region until around the time of Jesus Christ’s true birth date (4/24/15 B.C. according to Thoth), and eventually dispersed into Germany, France and Great Britain. A last vestige of the Mazur, 35 in all, came to the area of Rennes le Chateau in France, shortly before the birth of Jesus.
In The New Encyclopedia Britannica, I found the following to correlate under Steiermark:

….southeastern and central Austria, bordering Yugoslavia on the south….It has an area of 6,327 sq mi. Upper Steiermark extends in the north from the Limestone Alps to the eastern groups of the Central Alps, embracing the valleys of the Mur, Murz, Salza, and Upper Enns rivers. Inhabited since the Stone Age and mined as early as the Bronze Age, the region became part of the Celtic kingdom of Noricum, which was incorporated into the Roman Empire c. 15 B.C…..In 1276 most of the area (of Steiermark) was ceded to the Habsburgs and it became a crown land in 1282.

The Records of Thoth confirm that the most ancient root forms of the names ‘Mur’ and ‘Murz’ stemmed from the Mazur. Both these valleys were havens for the ‘Grail Family’. The island was the stronghold, and this was located in the Valley of the Mazur, now Murz. Some Mazur left before the date of the Roman invasion, but most fled the area in 15 B.C….. (although a few remained behind).
After having received the previously related information on the Mazur from Thoth, he then guided me to find the just quoted information on Steiermark in the encyclopedia, although I had never before heard of it. It was a land of the Celts, and thus there is a connection to the “The Island of Thirty Circles” story that follows.

In Van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse the author states that in the story of The Island of the Thirty Circles, the ‘Chief of Chiefs’ of this mysterious wandering Celtic people guardianed a magical baton that was “born of the miraculous Stone” (of God) which covered the tomb of their King. Apparently the baton contained a fragment of the same stone that was fashioned into the tombstone. Van Buren says that she believes it is possible that this baton may be the same as the spear which pierced the side of Christ on the cross. From this book Van Buren writes:

In The Spear of Destiny Trevor Ravenscroft speaks of the ancient tribal spear of the Merovingians (descendants of Jesus Christ). This was the symbol of their divine right to rule under the protection of their tribal god. It represented their power of life or death over the peoples that made up their tribe.

This spear is said to be the Spear of Destiny which was part of the treasure of the Habsburgs….The Habsburgs have links with the dukes of Lorraine, both having Merovingian connections. The Spear of Destiny, believed to give power to the ruler who possessed it, was said to be the spear of Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus’ side as He hung on the cross.

Thoth stated that the Mazur were the oldest gene pool of the Grail Family. The Merovingians are a more recent branch of the Grail Family, and as Van Buren writes, they have links through the Habsburgs, who also are the current holders of the sacred spear of destiny in their Treasury. If this is the same spear that was the baton of the Mazur, we see how it could have come into Roman hands through inter-marriage between Romans and a few remnant Mazur when Steiermark came under Roman rule in 15 B.C. Could not the Roman centurion who thrust the spear into Jesus’ side have been from a Mazur-Roman heritage, perhaps a royal lineage of the Mazur? I went
to Thoth\ for confirmation and his response follows:

Thoth: Your assumptions are correct. The centurion Longinus was from the royal descendence of Mazur. He carried the sacred spear for the ritual act of freeing the Christ from further torment in the physical, but of even greater importance, his act of compassion allowed the blood and water from Jesus’ side to become charged with the sacred spear and then enter the planet as a direct passage of San Graal consciousness into the center of the Earth.

Yeshua ben Josef (Jesus) was born the very year the Romans incorporated the kingdom of Noricum (containing Steiermark) into the Roman Empire. Yet Romans lived in Noricum and thus Steiermark, before this date.

Longinus was born Lucferlas, meaning in the language of the Mazur*s “he who bridges or crosses wide water”. The Romanized Longinus was an initiate of the Grail, who created a passage for bridging the water-blood of Christ with the Earth.”

Concerning the “Stone of God”, it was my intuition that this stone is one of the pieces of the Lapis Exlis,.. Thoth had said that the cup from which Jesus drank at the last supper was created from one such shard of the meteor. I wondered now if the stone that covered the tomb of the Mazur King was one of these Lapis Exlis fragments, and was the baton, later to become the spear of Longinus, also made from the Lapis Exlis. Thoth replied that the Stone of God mentioned in The Island of Thirty Circles is one half of the largest single piece of the Lapis Exlis. The other half would become known as the Emerald Table (not Tablet) of Thoth. It was once one large piece which split in two. Whenever the two halves are brought together, Light code energy exchanges are made which profoundly serve the planet. These tablets have come together only once thus far.

This was accomplished in the Temple of the Lion (Great Pyramid of Giza) under Thoth / Tehuti*s facilitation. The Emerald Table is the same energetically as the Emerald Tablets. The latter were created through alchemy and contain information that relates to deciphering the consciousness imbued within the Emerald Table. The Stone of God of the Mazur was known by them as the Ajezeta Mar, or the Green Sea. The baton, later to become the Longinus Spear, was fashioned from a shale or chip left over from the split between the two stones.

In The Orion Mystery, by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, they tell an ancient Egyptian story concerning King Kufu, of the Fourth Dynasty. This King very much wishes to find out the “number of the secret chambers of Thoth…and thus summons an old priest whom he supposes may tell him. The priest tells Kufu that he does not know the number, but does know where there is a chest which contains this information. It is housed he states, in a building called ‘the inventory’ at Heliopolis. The priest continues, saying that he cannot get it, and neither can the King; “that only three as yet unborn Kings in the womb of a priestess of Heliopolis will have that privilege.” It is assumed by the authors of The Orion Mystery (and perhaps others), that Kufu needed this information to build his tomb, which was the Great Pyramid. Since we know that the Great Pyramid was built long before Kufu, Iinquired of Thoth, what was the true reason Kufu wished this information, and just what are the ‘secret chambers of Thoth,’ where are they located, and what is their number? He replied: Kufu planned to re-construct the badly damaged Temple of the Lion and claim it as his own ‘Horizon’, which he succeeded in doing. It was never intended as his tomb, but a place for ascension into Heaven.

The damage to the Great Pyramid, while extensive in the outer chambers, did not penetrate into the inner reaches, which were hidden from all but the initiated, and there were few such initiated in the age of Kufu. Those that were ongoing priests and priestess of this sacred Temple conducted their sacred work in secrecy, for the King was no longer an initiate, as he had been in ages past.

The new rulers were for the most part vainglorious men, who sought to emulate a Golden Race whom they knew not, they were lesser Kings living in the shadow of their own mortality. They did not possess the knowledge of akbet-tyi-techet, meaning ‘loosing the hawk,’ allowing the
body to become a vehicle of illumination that it may ascend with the soul.

The Great Pyramid had been partially destroyed by the corruption of the Amun priesthood, a story upon which we will not linger in this transmission, other than to say that this was when the alchemical glass capstone on the Pyramid was shattered, but not before the templates which operated the capstone were taken into the Earth. These templates, along with other sacred tools and knowledge, are within the ‘Secret Chambers of Thoth’. These chambers are not the Hall of Records or the inner Repository. The Chambers of Thoth are a labyrinth which creates a symmetry with heaven. The passages themselves are knowledge unveiled that only the most wise may

Kufu desired access to these chambers in order to secure the templates of the old capstone, so that he may create it anew. He also wished to possess the original blueprints of the construction of the Temple, but more so his intent was on ‘knowing their number’, for then he would possess the hidden gematria, the sacred mathematics of the Temple that cannot be deduced by measuring the revealed parts of the structure alone. For this reason we do not set forth to you these numbers. It is not yet the time for the gematria of the Temple’s Holy of Holies to be given unto the world. The Chambers of Thoth lead to the Vault of Osiris. An initiate must traverse the labyrinth before he or she may enter the Vault.

The three kings represent three guardian beings of the Temple of the Risen One. They incarnate in various time frames throughout the ages, but always as ‘three’. They were the ‘three Chiefs’ of the Mazur, but this was long before Kufu. These three do not always become ‘Kings\’ or ‘Chiefs’, although they are often referred to by those who know them as persons of inherent royalty.

~ end of Thothic transmission
The Vault of Osiris is a device which allows the initiate to enter his / her soul into the star transfigurations and ‘loose the hawk’, on a flight of immortality beyond the veil of our half-Light world. The false latter day Kings of Egypt sought this knowledge and the sacred Vault in vain. Yet it awaits initiates of a future age, perhaps very close upon our horizon.

A Suggested Meditation For Working With the Vault of Osiris:

Visualize a chamber underneath the Great Pyramid / Temple of the Risen One. Within is a large tomb-like vault made of a polished black stone. This stone was brought up from deep in the Earth by Tubal. The lid of the vault is the Emerald Table of Thoth, which is a polished and engraved piece of the Alpha Centauri meteor known as the Lapis Exlis.

Place yourself inside the vault with the lid closed. There is no need to be concerned, for there are air vents opening along the floor of the vault. Know that this vault is aligned perfectly to the shafts in the pyramid above which lead to the heavenly Vault of Osiris / Orion. Allow your mind and body to relax and focus on the clear passage of ascendance into the starry field of Orion above you.
Feel yourself floating up through the Emerald Table of Thoth, being imprinted with its divine signs and symbols of transmutation. You are moving up the shafts in the temple above, and as you do this, so you become a single beam of light moving through the body of a great being, the Risen One.

Once into the sky, you soar into the sacred Vault of Osiris in the constellation of Orion. You become a star penetrating the black void of the Vault. Once within, you stir the cosmos with your Light, and bring forth a quickening inside the vast space. From this awakening, a burning seed is engendered in the ethers. It grows bright with promise and shines down upon the Earth as a brilliant new star in the sky, pouring grace and renewal into all reaches of the planet.




  • Recently I have viewed several videos claiming evidence of both the Great Pyramid and the one next to it having imploded within at one time.
  • The Mazur have a strong connection to Oak Island, where the ISIS Dweller Crystal Skull is loctated:

The Record of Thoth reveals that in the epoch which followed the final demise of Atlantis, the Mazur people came to the region of North America which is now known as Nova Scotia. The Mazur brought the Ajezeta Mar‑‑the Green Sea Stone‑‑with them.  The Ajezeta Mar was one half of the original ‘Right to Rule’ stone that had been given to the Mazur’s first generation by Lord Melchizedek in ancient Lemuria.  This Right to Rule stone had been brought by the descendants of these original Grail families from Lemuria into Atlantis.  The other half of this stone, which is known as the Emerald Table, was in the keeping of Thoth at that time.  Remember, Thoth was a subsequent incarnation of the original Lord Melchizedek.  The Emerald Table was eventually placed upon the Vault of Osiris (a sarcophagus) beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

For more on this connection read The Pyriethum, Grail Apis, and Oak Island Mysteries.


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