Chants and Prayers used in the Temple of Khnum on Elephantine


Given to me by Thoth for the PATH OF HORUS Journey Simeon and I facilitated to Egypt.

Keb-Tur-Shir, Ptah-Anil-Ptah Tur-Ak-Tur-An Ra-Reh-Esh-Haab-Awet Abet-Abet-Chem-Ra Ptah-Esh Keb-Ak-Ra, Ptah-Khem-Keb

“I am the Spinner, I am the Flame. I am the clay upon the wheel of life. I sound thy tone and birds flutter through space; clouds scatter before the Sun, and berries ripen upon the branch. Oh Ptah, thou art my voice.

Give it psalms of Grace and Beauty. Lift it up into the Heavens that I may become the singer of new worlds in the Universes of the Father and t he Mother.”



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