KA – Receiving the Breath




I recently came across on You Tube, Tom Kenyon’s marvelous chants. My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa called my attention to Tom’s Journey of the KA Sound Transformation.

The later Ancient Egyptians saw the KA as the part of the soul that was the life force of the body. However, Thoth reveals to me that further back in time, it was the word or more accurately, the sound of the Divine Breath, which impelled the life force to BE within the form.

The Divine Breath was the first breath taken….and the last. Between these two sacred breath lay the expanse of the human experience in on turn of the potter’s wheel – one incarnation. Thus, the most ancient of the Egyptians knew the Breath to be a sound. Between the first and the last, so the harmonic of Life was created in the Being. The Earth also as a Living incarnation of the World Soul, of which all living things were a part. Thus it as well contained a First and a Last Breath. Her Children could not breath unless She breathed. Her Harmonic filled the world and gave all living things their first and last Song.

As we experience the arising of Osiris – both in ourselves and in the Earth (via the Vault of Osiris beneath the Great Pyramid), so we are becoming more attuned once again to the Divine Breath we share with our Mother planet. It is Her Breath/Song that will ultimately lift Osiris into his Fire Star Kachina Dance.

I was guided to create this video incorporating the Journey of the KA Sound Transformation. As I did so, I felt the original Light Codes (of Tom Kenyon’s Chant) taking on the Thothic Streaming to become an Osirian Awakening.


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