Winter Solstice and the Mystery of the Christos

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According to the book “Mystery of the Christos” by Corinne Heline the Christ Spirit has four aspects: cosmic, planetary, historical and mystical. This Christ Spirit makes four major contacts with the earth during the solstices and equinoxes.

Heline states that the events in the life of Jesus the Christ represent the initiatory steps that each one of us must take to become a Christed soul. The Christ is not a person but a “office” or “position” we ALL attain to.

At Christmas is the “sacrifice” of the Cosmic Christ. This “being” comes down to earth and fills every atom of space and all living things with love and light. Is this why there is a renewed feeling of love, goodwill, and joy at this time of year?

At this same time of year our physical sun, which brings life to us and to our planet, comes closest to the earth than any other time of year. The sun is at its lowest point in the sky at Winter solstice December 21st. The sun is above the horizon the least amount of time during that day. The Winter solstice is known as the shortest day of the year.

For three days between the Winter solstice and Christmas morn the sun “rests” at the horizon. The sun moves the least amount at the horizon at this time. This is a nautical fact. It is as if the sun or “Son” rests in the “tomb” of physicality for these three days waiting for the Resurrection of the Christ Spirit on Christmas morning. The earth is bathed with the love and light of the Archangelic Cosmic Christ Spirit renewing the earth and its people in an ever rising, spiraling, evolution to bring heaven down to earth. It is as if the Christ child awakens and is reborn after bringing the light back to the world. The sun and the “Son” rises. – web source



Attunement to the Zodiacal Initiation of Capricorn
by Thoth (through Maia Kyi’Ra)

“Behold that which walks with the night as a silver streaming across the sky! He is the Great Creature once of this world, who retreated from us as the eye was struck from the stars. Now he is revealed only as a whisper upon the sand, a trace of moonlight glanced from a distant peak, a shallow sound deep in the throat of a rushing stream. Yet still we see him in our dreams and in the quiet moment of solitude deep within the forested hills. His horn, a streak of lightning blazed across the heavens, reminds us that he shall one day return. And in the tide of Earth and Sun, when a flaming sea rises upon our shore, so his breath is upon the air and his heart is one with the Day of Man.” – from the ‘Huramai’, the ‘Days of the Opening Sky’, a text of the Atlantean Hibridean Temples on what is now the Isle of Lewis, off the coast of Scotland – translated by Maia

The above passage speaks of the Unicorn, a creature of Light and Air who once existed in this realm of Earth, and “who retreated from us as the eye was struck from the stars,” or when one of the two original moons of Earth disintegrated. This created an etheric energy shift on the planet, finalizing the departure of the Unicorn from the current world experience. As the electromagnetic energy of the planetary field descended in its vibration, the Unicorn remained in the higher worlds of electromagnetic energy, thus the Earth departed from their habitat. While these beautiful creatures are sometimes still able to move briefly into this world’s reality, they are no longer able to sustain themselves for long periods of time here.

The Unicorn represents the undefiled consciousness of the Hierarchy of Capricorn. The “Being” within the form of the Unicorn is an “Angelic-Deva.” This is a spiritual creature created from the co-mingling of Angel and Deva in the early stages of Earth’s formation. They are from a realm of the Devic Kingdom that did not descend with the “Fall” of Earth. The Unicorn is a messenger from Capricorn for the Christed One. The Archangels of Capricorn create a path for this Blessed Creature into the heart of the Earth at the Winter Solstice. This is what is meant by the passage in the above quotation, “…in the tide of Earth and Sun, when a flaming sea rises upon our shore, so his breath is upon the air and his heart is one with the Day of Man.” As he proceeds into the Earth, so does the consciousness of the Christos ride with him, into the heart of the Earth’s central sun.

In the ancient days of Lemuria upon the Winter solstice, a special and most sacred rite was conducted within the “Temple of the White Thorn,” dedicated to the Hierarchy of Capricorn and it’s messenger, the Unicorn. The Unicorn was called the “White Thorn” because its Purity and Light protected and concealed a sacred blossom (rose) of Spirit, the Christic Being. In the sacred rite performed within this temple on the Winter Solstice, a Unicorn was summoned and a beautiful virgin rode it through the “Gate of the Sun” up to a chapel overlooking the sea called the “Jewel,” where on the Solstice, the rays of the sun pierced an exquisite crystal contained therein, creating a brilliant and fiery “Jewel of the Sun.” Here, the maiden would dismount and enter the chapel, where she would lift up the sunstone to the heavens and chant a sacred verse. This would cause the Unicorn to sound it’s horn, and from deep within the forehead of the exquisite creature, an essence would form and rise through the horn, issuing forth as a single drop of dew, quickly crystallizing in the atmosphere to the consistency of pink amber. This “horn-star” would become the new jewel in the chapel, the old one taken into the mountains and fed to eagles.

Corinne Heline refers to the coming Capricornian Era as the “New Galilee,” and indeed so it will become. This will be the Age in which the Unicorn returns, unleashed from the body of the creature, and in the form of a beautiful woman, the Mari in the Flaming Heart of Christ. She will bring with her the Seven Candlesticks of the New Temple and the 13th Star for the Crown of the New Earth. It was from Scotland–a land full of the ancient seed of Atlantis which itself was the “Child of Mu” (Lemuria)–that the Holy Grail Family migrated to the shores of Galilee in the Middle East, and co-mingled with a branch of their family tree dwelling there to create a mystery school at Mt. Carmel. This mystery school was, and still is (on the inner-planes), over-lighted by the Hierarchy of Capricorn.

(Heline) “We can become a perfect channel of Spirit’s unending supply. We can become a great conduit for the Creator’s energy within, making right all we touch and think about.

“The light of the body, the face, radiates God’s healing power. You can see it in the eyes. When we are old, if we are still beautiful with wrinkles and all, God’s light is shining through us. Just think how many times we bless instead of curse, how many times we send a loving thought instead of a hurtful one, how many times we choose good over evil. All these choices are counted and remembered. Every thought, word, and deed is written in the ‘Book of God’s Remembrance.’ Not one thought is extinguished, but it goes on to be transformed into LIGHT.”



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