Oisiris and I’shoa



The following is an excerpt from from my unpublished manuscript, CHRIST IN THE EARTH, written when I was around 21-22 years old, circa 1970-1971. At the time I translated this information from the Akasha, I was not aware of the two souls of Jesus / I’shoa – the one having been Osiris (and his son Horus), who would leave the body at the time of Baptism to return again for the Crucifixion. I was aware that the Christic Ray was present in both the incarnated entities of Osiris and Jesus.


In the Book of the Dead Osiris states, “I am the child.” The interpretation of this is twofold. The Christ Consciousness within Osiris was to become, in the body of Jesus, the son of God. But also this statement is referring to the fact that in Osiris the Christ Consciousness was not complete; it was a s a child or immature. Osiris spoke in the Book of the Dead: “I come forth, advancing, unknown is his name, I am yesterday. Seer of millions of years is my name, travelling twice along the way of Horus the Judge. I am the lord of eternity, I feel, I perceive. I am the lord of the crown.” The progression of the first soul Adam, and in this instance Osiris with the incomplete Christ Consciousness is mentioned here as Osiris says, “I come forth, advancing”. “Unknown is his name” is referring to the fact that until the Christ Consciousness became perfected it would not again be recognized by God as his only son or as the perfected extension of God. God had recognized the Christ as Adam; but this was not to come about again until God spoke to Jesus after his baptism by John the Baptist, saying “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. “I am yesterday. Seer of millions of years in my name” again refers to the progression from yesterday (Eden) through the millions of years up to the birth of Jesus. “Traveling, twice, along the way of Horus the Judge” is meant that in the progression of the Christ Consciousness it traveled dually as in Adam and Eve and Osiris and Isis. The actual Christ Consciousness manifest in one such as in Osiris, but its entrance into the world was made possible by and opposite twin extension of itself. Horus the Judge was the symbol of reincarnation. “I am the lord of eternity, I feel, I perceive.” In this phrase Osiris proclaims what was told to him as Adam in the garden of Eden when the lord said, “Ye shall witness eternity and shall receive the greatest of my blessing to be of my spirit and my will and all that maketh of my being whole. Ye shall be greater then the gods and Yul of my kingdom (Higher souls). Ye shall be eternity.” – Judah V. , passage 3. The last line in the passage from the Book of the Dead, “I am the lord of the crown”, is another way of expressing that the soul of Osiris carried the evolving Christ, or the “King of Kings”.

Osiris speaks in the Book of the Dead; “I open the door in heaven. I rule upon the throne, opening births on day this.” This is as Jesus said to his disciples, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” And as written in the Judah, “Salvation (or Christoashma, the Christ) my eternalness rests in thee, for ye art of Him (God), and He of thee.” Or as Osiris spoke in the Book of the Dead, “I am One from only One; not is Ra without that which belongeth to him”. In other words, through the son is received the Father. Through the Christ Consciousness is received the awareness of God, as both are one.

In the Book of the Dead Osiris speaks, “I am the phoenix, the soul of Ra, the guide of the gods to the taut; they come forth the souls upon the earth to do the will of their kas, cometh the soul of Osiris Ani to do the will of his ka.” This would be interpreted as meaning that despite his fall in Eden, he has remained the soul of God and he is the guide of the gods (forces); taut meaning to the whole of their workings, or to the fullest extent. As the souls come to earth to complete their progression or kas, so Osiris comes to follow his progression to the end. “Saith Isis: I have come that I may be thy protector.” In this quote from the Book of the Dead, Isis is revealing her purpose, that of being guardian to the Christ; for without her he could not enter into the world, not could he remain in it. Book of the Dead: “Saith Osiris Ani triumphant: I have come to make division. I am not divided, not will I let be divided thee. I have come to do violence, not will I let be done violence to thee. I am protecting thee.” Jesus spoke similarly when he said, “Think not that I come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” The purpose of the Christ Consciousness was to stir the souls into awareness, not to bring them immediate contentment. The duty of this mission is told in the Judah: “He (God) saith unto Osiris, ‘Behold the arrow that cometh to infect thy brethren. Prepareth the herb beforehand If ye dost see my face, know my burden to be thy task, and my purpose to abide in thee.’” As spoken by Osiris in the Book of the Dead: “Homage to thee, lord of radiance, at the head of the Great House, within night and darkness.” In this phrase is prophesied the increasing ignorance that would befall the world in their knowledge of the Great House (of Christ), indicated by the Great House being “within night and darkness”.

Isis was the symbolic equal of life in the Book of the Dead. Because she was the extension of the Christ Consciousness in Osiris, she was his substance. Without life, the Christ Consciousness would become another thing. With life, it became manifest in the earth. Therefore Isis was seen as not only the opposite force of Osiris, but as his sister force, his link to the earth. In the Book of the Dead Isis was called the neck of Osiris because she extended from him, bringing sustenance to him. Osiris prophesized the fact that when he arose from the dead as Jesus Christ, he would become the dual Christ within one soul; he would take up the Christ Consciousness that extended from him into the Virgin Mary and thus take the burden from her. In the Book of the Dead Osiris foresees this when he says; “not shall I die a second time.”, meaning the Christ Consciousness would arise as one and not suffer death twice; that is, it would not have to die again in the body of Mary. Said Osiris: “I have come and I have brought to thee a tet of gold, rejoice thou in it.” Osiris was proclaiming that he bore within him the Christ Consciousness he carried when he said, “ I am the Unveiled” Quebec’s religion of Pure Thought contained a mystical intertwining of the universe and the connection of the God to man, which was manifest in the Christ Consciousness Because of this, much of the Book of Serios (only one of many ancient writing of Quebec’s) contained a revealing look into Osiris and his destiny.



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