The Face of Jesus


For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. 6 For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,”[a] made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. – 2 Corinthians 4


As many of you know, I have several themed blog sites, but I decided to place this article here, due to the strong connection between Osiris and Jesus/Yeshua/I’shoa.

There is a picture that has been widely circulated, which is claimed to be what Jesus really looked like. It is based solely on the ethnic Hebrews assumed to have lived in the Middle East at the time of Jesus.


From my Akashic perspective and also historical documentation on the appearance of I’shoa, this is not at all how he appeared. 

There is historical information that “Jesus” to use the Greek name, was descended from Celtic-Hebrews in Scotland. You can read about this in depth in my dear friend Barry Dunford’s book, The Holy Land of Scotland. I contributed some Akashic insights for this book as well as designing the cover.

There is a body of thought that believes Jesus’s ancestors may have been of Celto-Hebraic origin, the early roots of which belonged in Caledonia. This theory rather intriguingly has Druidic thinking impacting on Christian practice. Central to this theory is the Island of Iona, which had been known as the Island of the Druids and was to find fame as a centre of Christian spiritualism. – from web

From both my akashic vision and historical records, Jesus had golden-auburn hair and blue eyes. The Should of Turn IS the true shroud of Jesus.

When I was around twenty, I drew two images of I’shoa – one as a young man and the other as an older man of 33. Although at the time, I had not seen pictures of the Shroud of Turin, these drawings strongly resembled the Shroud’s face. In later years, I used Poser and Photoshop to re-create this face.


The Bible says that the infant Jesus was visited by the Magi of the East, and that he was educated in Egypt. Seeming to be of royal blood, he was crowned King of the Jews. The inference from these sparse facts is that Jesus was probably of both Egyptian and Persian royal blood, but that he was exiled to Judaea in about 4 AD. In fact, there was a royal family in the early first century AD that fits all the requirements to produce this scion, though only known about for hundreds of years.

Six hundred years ago, Walter Bower set out to record the known history of the Irish and Scottish people. Drawing on records from the first millennium AD, the astounding account he wrote maintained that the Irish and Scottish people were descended from Queen Scota, who was an Egyptian princess.

It is from Scota and her husband Gaythelos that the names for the Scottish and Gaelic people were derived. It has generally been assumed that this account is mythological; however, Ellis has amassed sufficient evidence to demonstrate that it is true history, and that the Irish and Scots people were descended from a daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaton. – web source

Now, this above info I found while googling for this article really hit the spot for me. From my Akashic research, Scota was the daughter of the last remants of the Shepherd Kings in Egypt. She fled to Scotland and then on to Glastonbury, where her body lies in suspension beneath the Tor.

Akhenaton would certainly have been her relation. Also I had received that Scota aka Torhannah, would become in a future incarnation, Mari, the Mother of I’shoa!

My Article on Torhannah

Here is a video I found that gives the actual historical accountings of the visage of Jesus.


I’shoa never intended to have a religion created around him. As an out picturing of his life he wished only to spread the “Good News,” of understanding actually the quantum hologram in which we live – where, “All this can you do and more, if you but believe.” Yet, according my Akashic insights, at the time of Baptism, he was wedded to the Spirit of the Christic Archangel. He was also immaculately conceived, as was his mother. There are quite a few souls throughout time whose fathers were not of this world.

The deeper purpose of I’shoa’s life I leave to another article, but it surpassed all religious boundaries. As a vessel for the Christic Light of such intensity, he literally changed the DNA of all humanity in the age. Now it is up to us…those whose DNA demonstrates his handiwork – to transform the DNA of future generations.



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