I recently wrote about my vision of the Flaming Lion of Mazzaroth. Now I was brought to “discover” the Lion Rock – Sigiriya, in Sri Lanka.

This is what I have recieved on it from the Thothic Streaming…

Like most truly “sacred” sites which are major planetary nodes in the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM), This place has been built upon several times through a period of many thousands of years.

Its first name was Kumura – built as a complex during the Time of Reparation by the Dweller Souls and their Company. Of course the planetary node itself is part of the Earth energetics as a natural, living Being. It was “marked” by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow Clan before it ever was built upon.

Kumura was raised and sanctified there by the Sun Lords – “Dwellers” among them. It was known as one of the few places on Earth where the “Lion” of the stars places his paws into the Earth.  Like Giza, these are the places that the energies of the Golden Star Mazuriel directly enter the Earth’s energy body.

It was at Kumura that the original Sholar began (our OAP Sholar are namesakes of these). To deferentiate we shall call these originals Sholar Akba – those who are first.

These women where guardians of Hosting Skulls for the Dweller Skulls at that time – but their purpose was aligned to the energy creations of that Age, which are different that the current Sholar’s program of purpose, so speak. They were of course strongly linked. They were “stage one” and the current Sholar are…well, further down the line!

At a later time, these souls (of the Sholar Akba) incarnated there again…with another “stage” in the Dweller program – and it is there images which are depicted on the walls at Sigiriya.

I am being shown that the current Sholar are drawn in Inner work, there to this “city” as it was in various time periods. Could our present Sholar be incarnates of the Sholar Akba? I an inspired to say that they were among them…as there were more of the Sholar Akba throughout time, than are within our current little group.


Two more short videos – how it might have looked at one time and how it looks now…





3 thoughts on “KUMURA – City of Righteousness

  1. This article is absolutely a WOOOW… to me! Speak of synchronization, synergies and everything: after much time of not coming into Second Life, a little more than 1 week ago I felt the strong urge to go back inworld to build a sacred place which was to be a source of energy for the present time, being a “special place” of residence at the same time. It is not finished yet (to much solar interferences tampering with the internet line), but it’s being built upon a high massive rock plateou with lots of waterfalls and one huge elestial crystal at its center. I thought to name it DUR. THANK YOU for the article, dear Maia! * ❤


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