Gene Keys and the Arising of Osiris



Human Design (from whence arises the Gene Keys) is a powerful and very awakening format. You can read about it here

Yesterday I was called to delve into my four primary Gene Keys. I had really not done this before. I don’t know why, as I honor the Human Design system so much. Somewhere in my little noggin I seem to think I am a fly on the wall and not in a human body. An ironic attitude, as this body of mine could use the company I often deny it!

So I was reading my Primary Keys, and came across…well…the Arising of Osiris!

I QUOTE (I have both 47 and 22 as my primary Keys)

The 47th Siddhi represents the culmination of the 47th Gene Key in human form. Transmutation never really ends. It simply outgrows its casing, and this is what occurs through the 47th Siddhi of Transfiguration. This word transfiguration is almost entirely associated with Christ’s ascension and resurrection. It refers to his shining countenance when he reappears after his crucifixion.

This 47th Siddhi reveals the ultimate purpose of the non-coding DNA within the body, which actually does code for a process within the physical body after all. The force of transmutation strips you emotionally and mentally to such an extent that it eventually reaches down into the physical matter of your body. The power of the myth then takes over and the very cells of your body begin to transmute into the pure light frequencies from which they are made. The elements that make up your body were made in stars, and you turn back into a star in your own mini supernova. This is the final state described by the alchemists — the unio mystica or sacred marriage in which all your constituent elements dissolve back into one another, and out of your base matter symbolic gold is formed.

On a cosmic level, transfiguration doesn’t end. The whole of our planet — humanity, all the creatures and the earth herself — will eventually be transfigured. Transfiguration on a social level must include the entire planetary organism because despite our current perspective, we are really the mind and eyes of the earth rather than being separate from it. There will come a time when all the elements that make up our planet vibrate at such a high frequency that the world as we know it will disappear into a field of vibrating light.

Before this unprecedented and fantastical event, which is in the far future as we measure time, the phenomenon of individual transfiguration will become more common. This is due to the activation of the 22nd Siddhi of Grace, the programming partner to this 47th Siddhi. These two Siddhis operate as one, which means that for an individual to attain the state of Transfiguration, he or she has to be touched by Divine Grace. No one can say when, where or to whom Grace will occur, but it is an aspect of the Divine Feminine principle, which is a part of the current cycle of incarnations. Divine Grace can only touch those who work through the 47th Siddhi because these individuals have to take on the collective karma of the whole of humanity. This is the final great transmutation enacted through the crucifixion. The crucifixion represents the individual’s descent into hell, the underworld of the collective unconscious and the complete submersion in the ancestral pain and suffering of all beings. It is to face the collective fear of humanity that lies within the heart of every human’s DNA. One who reaches this level of self-sacrifice calls upon himself or herself the Holy Spirit or Divine Grace, which precedes and enables resurrection and final transfiguration.

It is all the 47th and 22nd Siddhi. This is not just for those who have these Gene Keys in their Human Design. All the Keys are part of the Collective Whole. However, I do feel that my having these two Keys in my Design created the conduit for instigating through me, the Osiris Arising Project.

Want to know your Human Design? You can pull up a personal glance at it (free) HERE.

Good Video on the Human Design Chart


For a truly in-depth and expanded session, which incorporates Human Design, I would recommend Simeon Nartoomid’s Soul Genesis Matrix.


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