Osiris Arising – who is Osiris?



I am feeling the impulse to give this topic more clarity…

If you Google you will find that to the most recent “Ancient” Egyptians, Osiris was the God of the Underworld. So what is Thoth’s take on this…from my Higher Self connection to his Streaming.

What I am calling the recent Ancient Egyptians are the ones we historically have some knowledge about – even though scant. The “Egyptian” texts which we have to some extent translated, were intentionally encoded. They were meant for those who became “enlightened” to connect with on a deep level of Being. The originals were set down long before the recent Ancients – long before. Like the Bible, they were translated and translated and then translated again…largely by persons who had no idea what the encoding truly meant. So they constructed myths around them…and became fearful of the things that they did not understand.

To return to the concept of the “Underworld.” Whether it is Egyptian, Celtic or Mayan (to name only a few cultures who have integrated the concept of Underworld in their histories and religion), the Underworld has been seen as a scary place…an unknown place, so surely it must be a bad one. Well, it is actually intended to be symbolic of the Sacred Void of the supra-conscious we all carry within us. We are largely UN-conscious of it, but it is not SUB-conscious – it is beyond that, for it is where the Divine inhabits the singular moment in Soul Presence. Tapping the supra-conscious is the moment we experience absolute ONENESS with ALL. Some have these moments to be sure, but they are generally fleeting. Because we hide this realm from ourselves (nothing is keeping it from us), it is the scary forbidden realm…for in order to truly BE there, we must surrender all we perceive we hold dear. Not necessarily loose it or give it up…but surrender it.

The true “Osiris” in this scenario is the spark of divinity that has been perceived as separate or even lost from us. It never went anywhere – it is still here. We have buried our desire to live this deep in the….Underworld – the supra-conscious – like a glimmering starfish at the bottom of the sea.

Osiris IS Arising from the Deep…it is now that we are awakening and seeing what was there all along…the awakening to Awareness is the arising!

Yes, there are many components to this from the perspective of our reality play….and the Ascension trigger is to be found within a Moment in the Vault of Osiris in the earth, when Gaia gathers Her skirts and presents herself to the universe of Awakened Being.

So the Osiris Arising Project focuses on this original concept and truth.

The soul of the Being called Osiris who was the escort soul to the soul of I’shoa (Jesus), in that it entered the same incarnation with him to guide him through the flesh, and then exited when at the Baptism. I’shoa received the Christic Being. The Osiris soul returned into the I’shoa body at the time of His transition on the cross, to unite for the purpose of undergoing that experience on many dimensions.

So in essence, when I (and Thoth) speak of Osiris and His Arising, I am opening the scroll on the ultimate Resurrection of the Christic Being through the vehicle of the World Soul we all share within our DNA and humanity.

All of this of course, is coming through the lens of perception…mine in this instance. But the core truth is abundant and everlasting in and of itself, no matter the story or details attached to it.


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