Journey to Compassion



Thoth has said to me that only two Dweller Skulls are revealed to the world at this time: Mitchell-Hedges and Compassion.

Recently, two of our Shola SiStars (Host Skull Guardians) went on a journey together with their Hosting Skulls. Cynthia Bacon brought Lady of the Pinnacle and Pamela Minton, Rainbow Enchantress. They were taking them to visit the Dweller Skull Compassion, who resides near Mount Shasta with Her Guardian, Joseph Bennett.

Here is what Pamela Minton had to say about their Journey to Compassion…

Last weekend’s journey to Mt. Shasta with Cynthia Bacon to meet the Skull Compassion, and her wonderful hosts Annie and Joseph Bennet unfolded immediately on our way up by seeing number sequences everywhere. We saw 222, 333, 444, 555 and then 999. I lost track. I was in a giggling in anticipation. On a personal note I felt even before from the moment I met Cynthia and her beautiful Skull, that anything needing to come up for healing was occurring. Purification ! I had come down with a cold a few days before her arrival and I have healed so quickly since Cynthia and Lady Our Lady of Grace Skull, did some work on me the night they arrived which was so appreciated.

We sang the whole way up and approaching Red Bluff, saw the vision and majesty of Mt Shasta jutting into the sky in the distance. We passed the Shasta Lake and it was very low which absolutely stunned me as I am familiar with the lakes up there and have never seen them so low. We arrived in Shasta wanting to do a rain dance and just in time for sunset and made our way up the mountain.

I have taken pictures for a few years and orbs appear at random times but usually when I am very much in my heart center. It all started with a small aqua orb in the forest behind my home and within a few months the small aqua orb surrounded by a round field of magenta. The pictures I took at sunset, a bright orange red orb was glowing and of course the familiar aqua orb. Interesting as red is the root chakra and Mt Shasta is said to be the root chakra of our planet.

We actually got to the top as far as one can drive. We were fortunate the road was open. A warm evening and the light show of the sunset on the this magnificent mountain, Mt. Shasta was spectacularly starting. As I was leaving I glanced at a picnic table walking to my car and there was one lone peacock feather. Wow probably left as an offering but to me this was a nod from the Divine Feminine, the Goddess.It was a feeling I will never forget.

Upon meeting Joe, Annie and their Skull, Compassion the next morning I was immediately taken back by them all. The love I felt just entering the room, filled my eyes with tears …of joy of course. Love when that happens. Annie is such a love and an animal totem reader and Joe, a gentle giant and true guardian! I loved their presence, all his stories and their home.

We spent the whole day together, meditated sitting with Compassion, taking turns to sit with Compassion individually as the other walked their property and communed with all their the trees with Annie.I noticed there were several oak trees growing in pod formations of 2,3,4,5,6 and so on up to nine!

The numbers were still communicating. I touched my head to Compassion and she was fluid and soft. She felt so sensitive to ALL, full of empathy, warm and tender yet powerful and healing. At first we told no pics which we honored. We were asked the following morning to come back as Joe and Annie decided they were going to allow us to take photos. Blessed be!

Max was in town here in San Rafael as well. We called the night Cynthia got here and got the last 1/2 hour appointment to sit with Max, which we shared. He was quite extraordinary and obviously masculine compared to Compassion. I went first. I asked him permission to touch him and my heart lit up so that was a yes! He sitting on a velvet pillow with orchids surrounding, and a glow. I put my forehead to his. I tear up again. Lots of heart activation all weekend…love that!..WOW, release, joy and healing. I thought I had a lot already having done this work for years but I am here to testify there is always healing..always more love to open too and more love to share. Upon opening my eyes his left side was shining golden light! It was incredible and I feel very blessed. Our skulls are infused with the light of these beings. One can feel it. Here are the pics below.

I know you are all in for a great story when Cynthia shares. Her vision and insights are graced! No coincidence she is calling the skull she brought Our Lady of Grace.

Cynthia Bacon…

Notice the left eye of Compassion.. a light shot into me once I began the meditation.. so I said to Joe.. there’s something about her left eye.. he got so excited for it had great meaning to him.. dreamn’t for three years of this light coming out of an eye.. then when a friend took a picture (prior to his purchasing) the left eye was filled with light.. just like his dream.. so this was his sign.. he was the guardian of this most sacred LOVING skull…

Compassion was an amazing experience for me.. spent most of the day in deep conversation with Joseph Bennett the Guardian of Compassion. One of the most important points I want to make re: our conversations is that he is very very protective of Compassion. He does not allow anyone to use her for commercial/personal “agendas”.. thus we cannot photograph her with skulls we want to sell. So may i say the only one to speak on behalf of Compassion is truly Joseph Bennett. The website to read more.. to see AMAZING photos.. and stories is to visit his site which is: He loves to hear stories of peoples emotional experiences regarding Compassion.. or dreams :):) ENJOY.. Namaste, Cynthia


Cynthia and Pamela also were able to meet with Max, who is a most powerful Host Skull! I myself met Max many years ago.

Again, from Pamela…


I am sharing the two new skulls that came to me from Joanne Parks when I met Max. The little blue amazonite I am calling Naiada and the Amber I am not sure yet. After meditating with Compassion that evening before going to bed I asked the host Sulumash to come see me in dream time. I have been feeling a male presence and wondering after seeing the I told her I wanted to “see” and hear from her. That night I had a dream and the part that I remember still unfolding in it’s possible meaning. I was in what felt like my home. The building was completely transparent and it was night time. The house was all glass. I could see a gazillion stars shinning all around a 360 scope of vision. I was sitting on a couch with my arm stretched out to my right side on the back of the couch. All of a sudden I felt a bird brush my shoulder and land right by my arm on the couch. It was a hawk. It was black and cream colored and had stripes I could see. Hawks have them under the wings. I asked who it was and it replied “I am Star Hawk”. I was tired last night but suddenly I recalled the Egyptian God which had the hawk head was Osiris. Perhaps Sulumash wants to be called Sulumash Star Hawk?


Quoting from a previous article I wrote…

Thoth’s Twin Ray Se’RA’fana addressed a gathering in the Chamber of the Crystal Skull over the former New Earth Star Island in 2011 – about this very skull (Compassion). At the time she said:

The Crystal Skull of Compassion….I tell you not it’s story here, as the time is not right for me to speak of it…but…I do say that SHE is truly a Being of Mastery of Compassion. She reaches to those who reach to her. She senses those who long for the LIGHT. She is the embodiment of the presence of the 3-Fold Goddess as Mother – Sister – Wife (Companion). She has come forth once again at this time to tender to the world.


Thoth to Maia about this magical Journey to Compassion – 2015

Compassion has given to through Lady of the Pinnacle and Rainbow Enchantress (the two Hosting Skulls of Cynthia and Pamela) the Manna of the First Light, which Compassion carries in her auric field.  This “Manna” is now infused with the entire Osiris Arising Matrix – all the Hosting Skulls within the Matrix – as well having been received by the Host Skull Max. It is more than a Holy Blessing (although it is indeed that).  It is an attuning to the First World of Earth – the LOTUS, and thereby to the Light Codes engendered within that Holy Place of the First Dawning.

Thus begins a new stage in the Osiris Arising.


2 thoughts on “Journey to Compassion

  1. This is a very moving time in the whole process to Ascension. Compassion, the Manna of the First Light, is so much needed around the World and in so many expressions of human action in which one can not find any kind of “humanity”… This is only bearable because one can have a glimpse of -and highly appreciate- the whole dynamics of it all. We are in debt with those that helps to draw the whole picture, like Maia and Thoth do… and Pamela, and Cynthia, and…

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  2. Thank you Maia for the work you do! I support you in your Light vision and see Violet Light all around you and your guides. I am in debt to Cynthia Bacon for initiating this amazing journey and am grateful for her beautiful Skulls she finds and her blessed oration beads too!

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