Secrets of the Sphinx and the Giza Plateau

In two recent articles  – Sky Lotus and the Vault of Osiris ( parts one & two)  –  I wrote about the Pyriethum or Sky Lotus underground complex at Lake Meoris (where it once bordered the  Fayum Oasis). Thoth had gone into detail with me about this complex years ago, and told me that it was the “main engine” for the whole system of the Giza Plateau.

Years before he spoke to me concerning the Sky Lotus, he showed me a chamber way beneath the Great Pyramid that had a “healing pool” within it – that was in a beautiful marbled chamber, that had no “Egyptian” motif.  He mentioned that this room was atop a vast network of tunnels leading to natural caverns and a massive aquifer as well.

When I was in Egypt in 1997 and stood before the Sphinx, I saw clearly that bored into one flank of the Sphinx was a hole large enough for me to have crawled into. It was simply open…nothing baring entrance! Thoth had already told me that the Sphinx was a major devise of the whole Giza mechanics, and that beneath it were tunnels and chambers…one leading into the “Hall of Records.”

Just a week or so ago, I was pointed to an article – The Underground Labyrinth of Egypt from the book, The Secret in the Bible by Tony Bushby

I found this article, which is apparently quoted from the book, very attuned to what Thoth had revealed to me through the years. While I do not know what else this book may contain, I do recommend this particular excerpted portion in the article.

Some excerpts I found especially key…

Herodotus said  Egyptian priests recited to him their long-held tradition of “the formation of  underground apartments” by the original developers of Memphis. The most ancient  inscriptions therefore suggested that there existed some sort of extensive  chamber system below the surface of the areas surrounding the Sphinx and  pyramids.

Those old records were confirmed when the presence of a large  cavity was discovered in a seismic survey conducted at the site in 1993. That  detection was publicly acknowledged in a documentary called The Mystery of the  Sphinx, screened to an audience of 30 million people on NBC TV later that year.  The existence of chambers under the Sphinx is well known. Egyptian authorities  confirmed another discovery in 1994; its unearthing was announced in a newspaper  report that was carried under the headline, “Mystery Tunnel in Sphinx”…


The  knowledge of the mystery schools was strengthened by a series of remarkable  discoveries in 1935 that provided proof of additional passageways and chambers  interlacing the area below the Pyramids. The Giza complex showed major elements  of being a purposely built, uniting structure with the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid  and the Temple of the Solar-men directly related to each other, above and below  the ground.

Chambers and passageways detected by sophisticated  seismograph and ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment in the last few years  established the accuracy of the plans. Egypt is also successfully using  sophisticated satellites to identify sites buried beneath the surface at Giza  and other locations. The novel tracking system was launched at the beginning of  1998 and the location of 27 unexcavated sites in five areas was precisely  determined. Nine of those sites are on Luxor’s east bank and the others are in  Giza, Abu Rawash, Saqqara and Dashur. The printouts of the Giza area show an  almost incomprehensible mass of net-like tunnels and chambers criss-crossing the  area, intersecting and entwining each other like latticework extending out  across the entire plateau. With the space surveillance project, Egyptologists  are able to determine the location of a major site, its probable entrance and  the size of chambers before starting excavations. Particular attention is  beingfocused on three secret locations: an area in the desert a few hundred  metres west/southwest of the original location of the Black Pyramid, around  which is currently being built a massive system of concrete walls seven metres  high covering eight square kilometres; the ancient highway that linked the Luxor  temple with Karnak; and the “Way of Horus” across northern  Sinai.

“The Way of Horus?” The Journey of Horus was the  name Thoth gave our 1997 journey to Egypt and the Sinai! Simeon Nartoomid (my husband at that time) and myself facilitated this journey for a number of people – all under the guidance and direction of my receipt from ThothHorRa.

It began at Giza and ended at Mount Sinai – this was the Way or Path of Horus!

Archaeologists  made another major discovery at that time. Around halfway between the Sphinx and  Khephren’s Pyramid were discovered four enormous vertical shafts, each around  eight feet square, leading straight down through solid limestone. It is called  “Campbell’s Tomb” on the Masonic and Rosicrucian plans, and “that shaft  complex”, said Dr Selim Hassan, “ended in a spacious room, in the centre of  which was another shaft that descended to a roomy court flanked with seven side  chambers”. Some of the chambers contained huge, sealed sarcophagi of basalt and  granite, 18 feet high.

The discovery went further and found that in one  of the seven rooms there was yet a third vertical shaft, dropping down deeply to  a much lower chamber. At the time of its discovery, it was flooded with water  that partly covered a solitary white sarcophagus.

That chamber was named  the “Tomb of Osiris” and was shown being “opened for the first time” on a  fabricated television documentary in March 1999.

The “Tomb of Osiris” which they found, Thoth has informed me is one of the chambers connecting to the main Vault of Osiris beneath the Great Pyramid, which  is the activation trigger point for the last stage of the planetary Ascension dynamic.

As for the Khephren Pyramid. according to my receipt from Thoth, its major function is to collect data from all the pyramids in the Pyramidis Radius and translate it into one code or format, moving it then into the Sky Lotus and the Ptah Hold, containing the Eye of Ra and Zartakii crystal.

From this recent article – Secrets Of The Chephren Pyramid And Its Unknown Mysterious Force – would certainly indicate something at work in Khephren!

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~ Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid ~


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