September Moon

Sholar Sistars at the waterfall in the New Earth Star Sanctuary
Sholar Sistars at the waterfall in the New Earth Star Sanctuary

Aloha All, well this has been quite a month hasn’t it? There have been major challenges for many, including myself…and these continue. However, it is sooo important for us to focus on the bigger picture of transformation that is in full swing on this planet now! It is not just on the BIG but in the micro as well. Macrocosom and Microcosom are carrying us into the New Earth via a Wonder Slide in the greatest theme park ever – the UNI VERSE!

As for the OAP, the Sholar Priestesses as Thoth refers to the guardians of the Host Skulls (I prefer to call us the Sholar Sistars) met on the Inner as Thoth requested, on September 26th at the “Blue Hole” basin of Mount Wai’ale’ale here on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i. The day before, those of us in Second Life gathered at the waterfall of the New Earth Star Sanctuary.

I created this free-viewing video to contain the energy frequencies of this September, which continue to expand and transform as we move into October – and beyond!


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~ Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid ~


2 thoughts on “September Moon

  1. This is such a beautiful and enthralling video, Maia…! I loved very especially those first minutes by the Wai Ale Ale waterfalls… The shared ceremony and the dance alone afterwards resounded deeply inside me… Much LOVE to all! * ❤


  2. Thank you Maia. This was a visual breakthrough of the Feminine in all her glory and light as she, our people and all of Gaia break off and shed any obstacles to their inherent Light! Made me cry (in a a good way!) Whenever I feel that sense of grace and beauty within me and my unconscious aspect as well it is as if a shackle within bursts into freedom from within my soul.


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