Tree of Osiris

I have just completed my Tree of Osiris activational video, which is you may say, a companion to The Crucible of Osiris informational video. Both are available to Kyi’Ra Portal members.

My activational videos are encoded by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa to act as triggers to the senses in awakening specific brain-mind-heart synapses. The Tree of Osiris video is created to open the Trapezium gateway in the brain-mind and move the senses into a “Golden City” response of the whole Being.

I was about half-way through with the making of Tree of Osiris when I “happened” to see on You Tube as my eyes wandered to the side panel, a video entitled: Earth to Orion to Jerusalem + the 2nd Coming. I watched it in amazement and well, with a certain sense of glee. The Fundamentalist Christians have somehow (Inner Light Network perhaps?) been introduced to Orion as being the abode of the “New Jerusalem,” which in Thoth-Speak would translate to the “Golden City.” I have incorporated a few clips from the animation of the Earth to Orion video (and another similar) into the Tree of Osiris, with the interpretation Thoth provided.

Prior to watching Tree of Osiris, it would certainly add to the process for you to view these two short videos by Danny Wilton.


Kyi’Ra Portal Members can find the url and password to the TREE OF OSIRIS HERE.

Non-members may purchase ($16. USD) viewing/downloading by using this Special Payment link. Please state in the info box of the form, the name of the video. When I receive your order I will send you the url and password to the video. (length: 13:52)


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