ISIS & OSIRIS Ceremony on Kauai

September, 2015

Thoth requested this specific ceremony and installation. Starwalker, Lynn McCallum came to my home where we discussed and prepared the energies for this activation. Then Lynn took with her the Isis and Osiris Host Crystal Skulls, along with a crystal sphere and the “Blue Spin” Ascension tuning forks created by Randy Masters.

Thoth showed me that on a very sacred land area here on Kaua’i, Lynn and her selected company were to perform a ceremony after Lynn had inserted 14 crystal points on the land. These crystals formed a resonance with the 14 Osirian Staffs, as they drew down the 10 Solar Crosses into the Motherland of MU (Kaua’i).

The energies of the Staffs/Crosses are cosmic creational dynamics (see Osiris and the Solar Crosses). By “calling” them into the earth at this specific location on Kaua’i, so a major Light programming net is cast into the sea of the Maiden Grid infusing and encompassing the Hawaiian Islands. The codes of the Staffs/Crosses are needed to take the Maiden Grid to the next level within the universal quantum field. This will keep the planet stable during the upcoming shifts which would otherwise cause distress on the axial rotation of the Earth.

This installation is only one spoke in a greater wheel of activity which will keep the planet stable during this time, but it is nonetheless an important one. The act of placing the crystal into the land with sacred intention, is that element of human interaction which allows our genetic Kindred to work with us and have access to, the formations we as Souls have created in our Realm. It is then that they are able to guide the whole process involved in our transition from a World System I to WS II – the New Earth Star state of Being. So while such seemingly little acts as burying crystals or chanting ceremonies seem so small…the intention and the willingness to act out these intentions is powerful, and will become increasingly so as we near LP-40 – what Thoth calls the Ascension triggering moment.

Following the installation of the crystals, Thoth requested that Lynn and a designated male (Sun) surrogate Isis and Osiris, each respectively holding the Host Skull of that Dweller (Isis and Osiris Crystal Skulls). The actual Dwellers Skulls of these two entities contain the codes to the whole final Ascension process to take place within the Osirian Vault in the inverse portion of the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid).

Lynn was to flow with her own inner guidance in this process, while someone activated the Blue Spin tuning forks.

In the video below, you will see this activation performed.

video & photos by Elsa Flores Alamaraz
(a filter was necessary on the video and photos in order to capture in such low light)



2 thoughts on “ISIS & OSIRIS Ceremony on Kauai

  1. Thank YOU…! To ALL who make the OAP possible. Thank YOU Maia, for your endlessly bridging effort as to help all parts be properly connected in purpose and deeds. Be LOVE with YOU ALL always.


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