Yushuda – Krystos Whirlwind of the Solar Mysteries

This article was written by me several years ago and can be found on Spirit Mythos. Current, additional commentary follows it.


Function: the movement of emptying and filling the cup or containment field, that is “whirling” or spinning light codes, creating CRPs (critical rotational positions) in the axis of the crystalline particles of the planet. This whirling motion is stimulated through what could be called “Cosmic Christ Consciousness”.

But first, let’s go back to the beginning of the story…

Star-Suns are what Thoth calls “The Living Lights”. They are in essence, each composed of many trillions of “Angels” and other Shining Ones, which have been given various names by the religions of the earth.

The pulsing energy from the central sun of this universe streams throughout the cosmos. All particles of matter respond to the sacred touch of the pulse. This ‘response’ is an awakening of being. It is not consciousness–not yet. It is a form of attraction TO consciousness. The divine song of matter to it’s “maker” (in this instance, to the central sun of this universe), creates paths of resonance that, in more complex formations of matter, become vessels for consciousness.

As souls incarnate into matter they create sheaths of response to the cosmic pulse. The initial sheaths are not conscious, but sentient. They respond to stimulus, but do not ponder or perceive why they do. However, due to the specific nature of the human being, it develops centers in the body that secrete chemicals which stimulate the brain to receive a sophisticated awareness of self, environment and “other”. Different stages of humanity have been on different levels in percentage of what part was conscious and what part sentient. The stream of soul incarnations into the developing natural species of “human” that we see as the primitive “First Man” was mostly sentient. The incarnating humans from what Thoth refers to as the “Solar Races” and the “Nephilim” (two different arrivals of humans), came here already endowed with a full set of “consciousness”. There were some other, smaller human groupings hailing off-planet as well–also fairly conscious.

The “Christ Consciousness” however, is a sheath of “response” to Source that touches into and yet goes beyond “location” (ie, universal central sun), radiating in response to it’s own beauty as a reflection of ALL. This is the CHRISTIC RAY that penetrates and creates the Christic sheath in every human being. Even those human whom we view as “demonic” incarnate contain the Christic sheath. However, for them it is locked away in a chamber they have spun of their own devises; but it is still THERE. Yeshua, the Christed Master, whose Christic sheath encompassed his whole being, looked at no one without seeing and experiencing their Christ Self.

So now forward again to the Yushuda…

This is a natural dynamic which emanates from the central sun atoma of all planets that contain incarnated souls which have evolved as a world consciousness to a certain degree of evolution.
The Yushuda projects out from the center of the planet, being called by the central sun of the galaxy, summoned further, by the central sun of the universe. As this dynamic moves, like a giant clock, in synch with the movement of the lunar and solar shells of the planet, it collects the dew of “Christ-alline” sparks from the souls of the planet into it’s “cup” or containment field. The “stem” of the Yushuda feeds these sparks down into the inner earth sun-atoma. They are then sent outward from the earth’s atoma back into the cup–reborn with new light programs–and “poured” back like rain from glorious thunderclouds, into the human -soul spectrum once again.

The Yushuda is the primary mechanism for what we are calling “Ascension”. Through it’s receiving and pouring out, it is the Grail of our first and final hour on this planet, and all in-between. It is really far beyond my capacity to write or talk about, thus I have resorted to a symbolic picture-book telling of a much grander topic that I am simply not capable of fully perceiving or fully communicating what I think I DO perceive about it.

So I leave you here with an energy-art representation  that I feel may draw upon your “Christ Sheath” and help to bring it forward more into your conscious experience. The central symbol on the mandala is my adaptation of one that was envisioned by long-time friend and colleague, William Buehler, incorporating some of the basic functions given to him by visionary Nicola Moss. I have been working on and off with Bill for many (many) years and thus he has incorporated a lot of my “Thoth work” into his sacred geometry / synergy formats, but these formats themselves are nevertheless uniquely his. Bill asked me to comment on what he was calling the “Bird-Cup” format. This is how I came to write this article and create the accompanying “Yushuda” energy mandala template.


The activational art of Yushuda can be purchased in my Spirit Store.




When I accessed the information from Thoth’s Akasha (his branch of the Light-brary) on the Yushuda some years ago, I stated then: It is really far beyond my capacity to write or talk about, thus I have resorted to a symbolic picture-book telling of a much grander topic that I am simply not capable of fully perceiving or fully communicating what I think I DO perceive about it.


Now, I do feel at least I can view it from the more expanded platform of the Osiris Arising Project. In this context, I see it as a Horus dynamic in “flight” – wings moving in sync with the movement of the lunar and solar shells of the planet.

In the quantum view, Thoth is calling “Horus”  the expanded tele-plane dynamic coming from the “brow” of Osiris. If we could see Osiris as a super being raying out of his third eye a projection of his power that created whole systems of planetary balance and communion with greater cosmic Light fields, then this working image might approximate the dynamic of Horus as a quantum field coming out of Osiris “in the Earth.”

Thoth is showing me how the Yushuda’s integration with the solar-lunar sheaths creates “spheres” of supra-intelligence, coming from Earth’s atoma (central sun) to seed the atmosphere of the planet. What is the purpose of these seeds? Well . . .

We tend to think that WHAT we think is a singular experience. Oh yes, many of us are now realizing there is a collective interconnection between all beings and thus thought…but….there is more to it than that.

These “intelligence spheres” are charged with extensions of our thoughts…yours and mine…all communicating through the spheres and creating larger spheres charged with collective thought forms.

The intelligence spectrum includes all living things. Plants emit them on some levels. While plants don’t think as we do…they do emit impulse logic patterns – the basis for all thought. The higher devas or nature spirits are especially active through the intelligence spheres.

The images people capture of the orbs in photographs are the intelligence spheres! I had always thought they were the energy of disembodied souls as so often they appear in places where “ghosts” are present. However, Thoth tells me that disembodied souls can charge these spheres when they are present near living things. The spheres are not visible in photographs unless they carry a charge at least equal to the individual taking the picture….or in some cases, a person standing in close proximity to the picture-taker. If there are a group of people emitting higher light mind frequencies many will appear, seeming to flock and cluster in that space. They can become electrically excited by the energy present…sometimes changing shape.

One could see these intelligence spheres or atums as Thoth calls them, as divine bubbles born of the Christic Ray and the sacred atoma of the planet. What they contain is field that draws into it, the energy of thought – an electrical product actually – but containing a code of divine origin. However, the greatest number of these spheres contain charges beyond human thought or comprehension, yet within the range of the divine spark within us.

So what are they seeding? Out of every charged atum comes a renewed interaction with Higher Intelligence – our divinity. As they cluster around us, so they interact with our electric brain and our Aetheric Mind…whispering expanded logic codes to this super combo (brain-mind), which is the food stuff for deeper comprehension of ourselves and the All.


One can use crystal spheres to work with the Atum. Really all crystals work with it, but spherical ones can face-match with them more specifically. Crystal skulls of course have an orb-like cranium.

One thought on “Yushuda – Krystos Whirlwind of the Solar Mysteries

  1. Maia, hello
    Yes indeed, and thank you ! and thank you to Thoth for the elucidation.
    codes of the Divine Origin are indeed now arising as stated from the sacred atoma of the planet.
    = Heaven on Earth
    in gratitude


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