color plate from The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak
color plate from The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak

Lynn-Celest’Ra was visiting me the other day, and she pulled out her Keys of Enoch book (which she carries in her backpack all the time).  She opened to to show me the picture above. Now, I have The Keys of Enoch, which was given to me in 1980 by a friend who told me I should have a copy since my material was so correlative with it. Yet Thoth encouraged me not to delve into it but read only when guided….usually by just opening it up and reading a few passages where my eyes fell. For this reason, I am not actually that familiar with what is between the pages of this incredible book. I MUST have seen this image before, but when Lynn showed it to me, it was as if I were seeing it for the first time. There was….Osiris Arsing from the Temple of the Risen One!

In my book, this plate is accompanied by a single sentence not worth mentioning here, but in Lynn’s copy (a newer edition) it reads:

The Resurrection beyond Duality into the Holy Trinitization of Life. Here the star shafts of Alpha Draconis and Orion are connected with the Great Pyramid and the underground chambers connected with Osiris who brought the music of the spheres to the ancients.

 Y E S!!!

I was especially interested in “Osiris who brought the music of the spheres to the ancients.” I had not read this before, nor had Thoth imparted to me any connection with the music of the spheres and Osiris. So I asked him and he said . . .

The music of the spheres is the Creation Vibration of the universe. It vibrates through every particle of matter.  The heavenly spheres coalesce these vibrations into “Light-braries” of sacred harmonics. Osiris the BEING brought this knowledge to the ancients, indeed; but he also has embodied the Creational Tone – the First AUUUUM – into his Light Body. As he moves into the center field of the Vault for the “Dance” (see Osiris Fire Star Kachina), so the calibrations are released from the DNA Template, which respond to the Creational Tone emitted by the “Dance,” and thus at the same time, commands the Dance.


I see in the picture also, the phoenix (aka White Phoenix Star) and Osiris offering the capstone to Horus, whom Thoth has deemed as the aspect of Osiris that is holding the vibration of the capstone and the charge of it’s quatumized release from atomic bonding.

 Who is framing the whole collective imaging, but Nuut.

Thoth says of Nuut: The archetype of Nuut is the Living Symbol I give for the New Earth Star Creation Matrix. It is more than just a Creatrix for the ‘New Earth,’ but certainly incorporates that dynamic in Her Divine Radiance. The original Nuut represented the Lemurian principle of going forth to heal, restore, create and resolve -and also to expand generative radiance. She is the Creatrix of the ‘Dwelling Place’ of the gods – that is, this archetype represents the universal laws which consign actions to basic creational forces. Nuut sends rays of Her Creation through the Whirling Pillar of Yushuda. It is her cosmic rays which compose the El’ohim or Creation.

There are a lot of other powerful symbols in this art work, but these which I have mention for me at this time, relate the strongest to OAP.

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