Kaylasa and the Green Lion

Kaylasa Jaguarstar
Kaylasa Jaguarstar

Kaylasa’s Facebook Post


11960264_10206615816767514_2860320855662685491_n 1.- The dandelion, which Thoth wanted you (MAIA) so much to include in the Aku’Ra medallion, is another symbol for the sun, but not just any sun….it’s an 8- pointed star in 3 dimensions, which is EXACTLY how you describe the Vector, the geometry of pure ascended light that is being generated through the Osiris Arising process. This 8-pointed star was also the symbol for sumerian goddess Inanna (IMAGE 1), which appears with the this star in her head and a lion at her feet…..this star and the winged lion (StarLion) are the most important symbols of the most ancient Mesopotamian cultures along with the bull (which represents Osiris), actually.

11219327_10206615786286752_6300126638096150976_n2.- The star/sun as a dandelion, appears in Templar, Cathar, Masonic and Alchemical symbology as “a sun being eaten by a green lion”, to describe the transmutation of a human into a god…again, we see the StarLion connection.

3.- The same symbol, a lion/sphinx receiving the rays of the sun appears in one of Akhenaten’s temples in Egypt (IMAGE 3).

Let’s remember Akhenaten was related to Moses (some say they’re the same person, Thoth says Moses is Akh’s son)….and you have his skull!!!! He implemented the One-God religion in Egypt, a cult based in the adoration of the solar disc which was rejected by the priests of Amun-Ra at that time, and Akhenaten was either exiled or killed and disappeared from history. It is described in esoteric sources I checked for my novel that the lion was a symbol of a lineage of beings of light, from which Akhenaten and the Hyksos (a dynasty of red-haired rulers in Egypt which later migrated to Scotland) descended and from which David, Solomon, Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene and Yeshua himself also descended. Maia, you describe in your article “The Mazuriel Portal and the Initiation of the Zodacial sign of Leo” that the priests of Amun-Ra (the sun) in Egypt fell into corruption and evil, and they hid the story of a legendary priestess called Salome which brought to humanity sacred solar mysteries…. and you also say these fallen priests tried to finish with the true lineage of these Hykso kings in Egypt, the shepherd kings who still had “solar” genetics.

It’s obvious that along with the genetics, Akhenaten, Solomon, the Templars, the Cathars, the Alchemists, Yeshua…..they were all teaching/guarding the knowledge of the same DNA transformation and the ascension you’re talking about in your article, and the core of the Osiris Arising Project.


4.- George Washington and the Founding Fathers knew it too, it seems, as the 8-pointed star appears in Washington’s inaugural buttons, along with the Phoenix (transformation/related to the Bennu bird in Egypt) and a plant similar to the one you describe in your article as a symbol for Seshat . It also appears in flags and uniforms of certain European royal houses.

I can only add right now: Maia, I have no words to describe the awe I feel when I think YOU are “dowloading” all of this and I can read it….on facebook!!!! The members of this group and Maia herself might NOT be aware the Vatican, the Templars, the Cathars, the closest group of Yeshua followers…. killed for this knowledge or were massacred for it (the Vatican and the French crown wiped out the entire region of southern France in 1208-1244 approx. and the Templars were wiped out once again by the King of France in 1307, for example. Crystal skulls, the keys of Solomon, a horned Baphomet -two horns, like Maia describes- and a magical science are mentioned in the Inquisition documents). Hundreds of thousands of years have seen these knowledge being passed down, and many many many many lineages, masters and traditions have considered it their most important treasure…..and ALL we have to do is open our OAP on Facebook….or go to New Earth Star Sanctuary in Second Life meetings!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Kaylasa and the Green Lion

  1. That was an amazing article and contained so much important information Kaylasa.. I am with you about the wondrous times we are living when we can go to FB or SL and get this kind of information…Blessings to you Sistar and to our Dear Sistar Maia and everyone in the group of OAP.. so vital..xoxox


  2. Wonderful Article. LOVE IT! No doubt some of us lost lives in the Cathar and Inquisition time frame. Another nod to the 8 pointed star is the connection to Venus via Inanna. Venus has been in the forefront of so much change the past year and recently just resurfaced after he decent into the underworld, form Evening Star to Morning. Thank you for this Maia..and Kaylasa!


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