Thoth recently stated…

Know that all the Priestess Guardians of the Sholar (the Holy Hosts) will be gathering at a certain sacred place on the Inner, on September 26th, 2015. This inner-planes point is located in the Outer at the foot of Mount Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i where the waterfalls plummet downward into the basin.

Many seem to be focused on September 28th as a day that will change the world! Here is an example of what is being broadcast on the web…

Earth moves in a region of the galaxy, which leads to increased cosmic energies affecting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted that this will lead to many changes in human society, including the major discoveries of advanced technology, the secret space program and extraterrestrial life.

Dr. Simon Atkins, a famous doctor in Bioelectromagnetics prognostication disaster risk specialist, argues that the Earth and humankind will make a leap in evolution, with an episode of solar eruptions to take place in September.

An acceleration and an increase in electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will take place from late August to late September, to cause, or around September 28, which is described as a ” frequency shift “in consciousness. Expected cosmic energy is called “X Wave” (Wave X).

We experience a “wave of evolution,” says dr. Simon Atkins. “What we’re about to find out at a high level, unheard of in history, scale, is the real answer to the question” Who are we? “,” How come? “And” What is our goal? “. The planet is going to “take off” in such incredible ways, “says Atkins.

He stated that the exercise Jade Helm, which began on 15 July and runs until 15 September, is the true purpose of obtaining information on the effects of cosmic energies received in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity. This exercise is very much linked to the change of frequency in which small states in which exercises are performed, will face a higher frequency in the field in July and August – the aim being to learn from them and manage effects the population of the larger states in September.

Intelligence Community of the United States is aware of the potential effects of cosmic energy input and take steps to manage it. Simon Atkins believes that US special services are not the only entities in the world, conscious of incoming cosmic energies, and also take steps to manage it.

A frequency change will take place in September in the 23-28 range, which is very significant. This will coincide with the meeting between Pope Francis US President Barack Obama at the White House (September 23), following the Pope to address the US Congress (September 24). Atkins claims that there will be an attempt to use the famous Geneva CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) to divert this massive wave of energy that will come.

After visiting Washington, Pope Francis will address the world’s political leaders at the UN General Assembly on 25 September. Vatican Information Service is also aware of this wave of cosmic energies. It’s more than a coincidence that the strongest religious and political leaders of the world meet when these energies invade the planet.

Effects of Wave X

Incoming cosmic energies have profound effects on human DNA and will trigger major discoveries. Atkins argues that some stellar ambassadors stationed on Earth from the Galactic Federation have been appointed delegates to a group of aliens called Being Sphere Alliance. This group came in 2012-2013 with spheres huge size as Neptune, which formed frequency shields around the Sun and solar system. One of the most important functions of these spheres was to adjust the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so that mankind can integrate better and to prepare for major changes.

Among the amendments that will be triggered by the entry of cosmic energies is the release of information on advanced technologies, the secret space program and extraterrestrial life as Corey Goode, a specialist in advanced technologies, known as an empathetic person intuitively described as event “total disclosure”. Goode recently announced that the huge size spheres are about to leave our solar system because they have fulfilled their purpose.There are certainly quite a few other events that occur before the latter event, then we will be left on their own.

Atkins announces that on September 28, at 11:11, wave X bombard the earth with gamma-photon light particles, traveling at light speed and producing an instantaneous change in DNA. Of the people at a frequency in the Schumann resonance of at least 17 Hz will be propelled in the 5th dimension.

The number of people projected to have a rise in the rate is a little over 2.3 billion, and the exact number depends on the collective conscience of humanity to manifest changes. Cosmic energies have begun to enter and spheres acted as buffer blocks them increasingly less. All this suggests that, at the end of September could be a peak moment in which cosmic energy will produce significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a growing mass of beings of light who raised their frequencies at high levels of love self.

September 9, 2015 known as “Event Horizon” and is the most important day in human history, says Simon Atkins, stating that this is not the end but the beginning of an ascent mass worldwide, the beings whose vibration passes from the 4th to the 5th dimension. – source

So what does Thoth have to say about this?

ThothHorRa: There is a cosmic event coming upon the planet. It is an “acceleration and an increase in electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies” and is now occurring and will manifest strongly on September 28th. However, there are many conclusions being drawn about the effects – especially the immediate effects – where we caution you to choose the reality you wish to embrace concerning the more radical implications these declarations are carrying.

It is very much a desire in humanity to have dramatic changes that will alleviate suffering and imposed restrictions and imbalances in the order of the world, that is obviously so out of sync with true universal harmonics. Most long for a switch to be pulled to correct it all in an instant, even if some pain is involved. Humanity has reached a level of desperation, as it has in past cycles.

This is the true danger however. Desperation can lead to taking radical steps to force repair..seeking balance and order; yet balance and order does not come from desperate acts. Make no mistake, if you focus on and desire an outcome out of desperation -one that pulls out all the underpinnings of the problem as one would extract a toxic tooth – you are taking action in that direction. Once the tooth is yanked out by it’s roots before preparation is insured to contain and neutralize the toxin,  the poison the rotten tooth is holding back will flood the system.

There are guardian elements in place within your world to assist such cosmic releases in this process on Earth, so that the system is ready to support the “extraction.” Yet if enough persons are focused on more radical solutions…convinced, or at least hopeful that they will occur as a result of some actual cosmic connection – they can tilt it in that direction. This has occurred in other cycles of past civilizations.

So what would you focus upon concerning this specific cosmic event? That the wave it generates moves in accord with the depth of the sea as a smooth yet powerful motion in perfect accord with the factors which generate it…and that it is supported by all parts of the whole divine dynamic.

Then, as the prophecy above (the quoted article) states: “at the end of September could be a peak moment in which cosmic energy will produce significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a growing mass of beings of light who raised their frequencies at high levels of love self.”

(Maia) Will the etheric gathering on Kaua’i of the Priestesses of Sholar on September 26th be in alignment with this “wave” – and what will be the result?

Thoth: To gather the dew of the Wave of Light that has been left upon the skirts of the Mother Queen of MU. These particles then are breathed into the Hosting Skulls through their Guardians…but of greater importance, the Guardian-Priestesses themselves expand their Light Quanta in the gathering Light Fields of the stars for the purpose of their service to the collective Rising of Osiris.

I felt guided to end this article with some recent photos our StarWalker, Lynn-Celest’Ra took this week. She carried the White Queen into a sacred hidden valley for a special ceremony of clearing and unity. The also, she had Holy Flame with her for a few days. The picture of Isara Holy Flame at the Hindu Monastery with Ganesha is especially powerful. You can see Light Language geometries descending into her!



One thought on “September 28th – Leap in Evolution?

  1. Wonderful pics !
    And really magic but tough times we’re living in, I’m looking forward to amongst other days the 9/28 , it’s going to be a special day (including we leaving for Malta) and I’m so gratefull to be here on Earth 🙂


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