Quantum Physics in Ancient Egypt


A fascinating and compelling talk by Laird Scranton and Robert Bauval.

Published on May 30, 2015

A comparison of ancient and modern models of the structure of the universe reveal Forbidden Knowledge. As our most recent scientific understanding is bringing the subatomic realms into ever clearer focus, the strange world of quantum mechanics and\par string theory are finding a remarkable consistent\par echo in the cosmology, or creation myth the ancient Egyptians. Could there be complex scientific notation hidden in ancient heiroglyphics? Author/researcher Laird Scranton demonstrates an unexplainable accurate description of subatomic structure, quantum physics, cellular biology and even string par theory, hidden in ancient accounts of the formation of the universe. If Scranton’s discovery proves true, it may be the most important breakthrough in Egyptology since\par the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

Forbidden knowledge, which is different from secret knowledge, is used to describe forbidden books or other information to which access is restricted or deprecated for political or religious reasons. Forbidden knowledge is commonly not secret, rather a society or various institutions will use repressive mechanisms to either completely prevent the publication of information they find objectionable or dangerous (censorship), or failing that, to try to reduce the public’s trust in such information (propaganda). Public repression can create paradoxical situation where the proscribed information is generally common knowledge but publicly citing it is disallowed.


This information strongly correlates with the quantum physics of the OAP. A primary example being . .

Thoth is stressing to me that the capstone dynamic of this whole Dweller thing is focused upon the quickening of the Vault of Osiris within the Great Pyramid which Thoth calls the Temple of the Risen One.

This is a complex quantum movement which will occur as the actual final trigger of Light Principle 40 (moment of planetary ascension). It is when the Soul of Osiris will dance in concert with the Violet Flame in the Osirian Vault. This will create the quantum passage-activation Thoth is calling the Osiris Fire Star Kachina Dance. 


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