Kaua’i and the Serpent of Light


Two of the OAP guardians brought to my attention a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek entitled The Serpent of Light, in which he relates information Thoth gave him concerning Kaua’i…and a resultant ceremony Thoth guided him to perform there. Below is a quote from this book . . .

Kauai was the geographical location on Earth where the memory of the planet was stored for the last 13,000 years. Yes, there is an Akashic Record stored in the atmosphere as well in the human body, but the Earth’s memory is also intentionally and literally stored in a single crystal that was placed off the shoreline of the exact place where I was standing. I am not certain why this is done; Thoth never explained this to me. There were thirteen crystals all together, but one of them was the actual memory bank. The crystals were set in the pattern of Metatron’s Cube: one in the center of the island, six around that one and positioned on the island, and six more around those inner six and situated in the water off shore. This particular system had been used by other people in the distant past. We know that the Lemurians and the Atlanteans used this same set of crystals on this island for the same purpose, without changing the crystals. But from Thoth’s memory, this system is much, much older than either one of these cultures.

Melchizedek, Drunvalo (2008-01-01). Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012: The Movement of the Earth’s Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light (pp. 119-120). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition. (CHAPTER 10 IS THE ONE ON KAUA’I)

The whole story of what Drunvalo shares from Thoth about Kaua’i and a 13.000 year cycle resonates with me, even though I have never received any information on this from my attunement with Thoth…but as I have stated often, he doesn’t tell me everything…he doesn’t tell anyone everything. Different people get different pieces of the whole (sometimes the same pieces through their own wording, as well).

However, what Thoth does relate to Drunvalo does have some strong connections with my Thoth Streaming and directives.

In Serpent of the Light (chapter 10), Thoth tells Drunvalo that the male guardianship of the protection of humanity for the last 13,000 year cycle for the Earth has been passed to a female guardian for this next cycle. The process unfolds before Drunvalo’s eyes (perhaps 3rd eye).

So now I would like to take you back with me to the New Year’s Day, 2004. I was living in Santa Fe, NM when I was given by Thoth the following…

Toward the end of 2004 and into the first months of 2005, a new light grid will form around the Roil Point of the planet (located on the Big Island of Hawaii). This is the point where energy streams upward as a core beam from the solar atoma at the center of the earth. This new light grid we call the “Maiden” for it resonates as a divine feminine ‘virgin-child’ coming out of the Mother’s flow at Mauna Loa & Kilauea. The Maiden will gently turn in the deep and the dolphins and sea turtles will follow new paths in the ocean.

This was the starting point for me and my then-spouse, Simeon Nartoomid’s move to Maui in 2004. Six months later, Thoth led us to Kaua’i. I see this “female” grid formation a direct corollary with Drunvalos’ Thoth input about the transfer of the guardianship of humanity from male to female!

Thoth requested that we (Simeon and I) work with what Thoth was calling the Phi Gate  and the Amatrix Angels there on Kaua’i.

Then these many years later, I remain here on Kaua’i alone…continuing I believe, to work with the Phi Gate and the Maiden Grid through the “capstone” Osiris Arising Project, with the White Queen Crystal Skull of the sacred mountain here, and the now-forming Hosting matrix of skulls. Still, the WHITE QUEEN reigns! Her Hosting skull is in the center of the main matrix only feet away from me as I type this. It is also interesting, that up to this point at least, all the guardians of the Hosting Skulls WITHIN THE OAP are female, Thoth has never informed me that they must be female, but that is how it seems to be unfolding.

Now I wish to go to Thoth and ask him point-blank if all guardians of the Hosting Skulls in the OAP are intended to be female. He has told me about Hosting Skulls that are being guardianed by males at this time, and the two actual Dweller Skulls that are not sequestered away are both now be guardianed by males.

ThothHorRa: Yes, this is so. Within the Osiris Arising Project the female energy is intended to become the Keepers of the Hosts. Understand, that the Dwellers and thus the Host Skulls within OAP are performing a distinct service that does not include the few Host Ones outside of this Project.

This specific service is in the process of creating itself, so cannot be fully determined in detail at this time.

The Guardian “Priestesses” of the Dweller Hosts will soon begin to be gathered on the Inner for instruction and preparation. They will at times consciously experience it or remember moments of this. Most of this Inner however, will not be conscious, but never the less powerfully effects and motivates their lives….all with the full permission of their Higher Selves of course.

I, Thoth am creating an interface with your Kyi’Ra Portal that will strengthen this passage.  You see this Portal as a subscription site to help support your work. This is so, but we see the greater energetic of it as setting an intentional grid for direct information “downloads” into those who have chosen to interact with the Portal. Since all the Guardians are Portal members, they will be assimilating this energy webbing first, and then it will move into the others who are participating through the Portal. We will soon be giving you some templates to set into place in your Portal to facilitate this.

(Maia) Thoth are the crystals in the formation of Metatron’s Cube under the waters of Kaua’i something that the Priestesses of the Dweller Hosts working with in some way?

Thoth: Indeed….and there is more which all connects to Kaua’i and the entire Hawaiian chain to the Muruvian CODE being emitted through the Phi Gate.

All these dynamics were not installed at once, but of a long period of time. However, they are all sequential and connected to the same creational font.

Know that all the Priestess Guardians of the Sholar (the Holy Hosts) will be gathering at a certain sacred place on the Inner, on September 26th, 2015. This inner-planes point is located in the Outer at the foot of Mount Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i where the waterfalls plummet downward into the basin.


To Be Continued . . .


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