Rainbow Enchantress



SULUMASH is this Dweller’s name when her skull was created in crystal. She was a Dol Phina Priestess (no not “dolphin” but interesting word play). She lived in a city within the Takla Maka Desert which Hurtak speaks of in The Keys of Enoch. I am not at all versed in the KEYS but have the book so looked it up. Reading about it, I do believe this is a major area for what Thoth calls the REPARATION, where many Dweller beings and others assembled to help humanity. Just now reading this in KEYS I seeJ.J. Hurtak says same (1-0-5 / 14), but doesn’t mention “Dwellers” which is probably Thoth Speak name.

This Dweller entity of course had other Earth lifetimes including a Tibetan Master, and she DID work with dolphins in another life…she was actually a Mer Being of sorts!

The combination name for Dweller and Host is given by Thoth as Rainbow Enchantress.

Guardian for this Hosting Skull is Pamela Minton of Northern California.



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