Golden Elohims of the 13th Sun

Eunjung with ImagiNation in Kaua'i
Eunjung with ImagiNation in Kaua’i

The following is by Eunjung Choi, who is guardian to the ImagiNation Host Crystal Skull:

On the full moon (blue moon) night on July 31, my partner and I had a powerful ceremony with ImagiNation present. I was guided to put the forehead of the crystal skull on my third eye for a few minutes. I felt strong energy currents rising in my body and started to channel soon after. First I noticed in my inner vision that there were several huge golden beings present in the room. And I heard they are ‘Golden Elohims of the 13th Sun’. They had such expansive yet gentle loving energy. Through my channeling, we were led to do the following visualization and meditation: See a blue moon and a bright golden sun in front of our hearts. And imagine the two merging and coming into our heart. The Golden Sun, the divine father of creation and the Blue Moon, the divine mother of creation were merging in our hearts and emanating the radiant golden light and blue rays to all of our being. It was masculine and feminine divine merging birthing the divine child within. We are the pure expression of this divine child. And there were so many brilliant colors exploding, golden, diamond, blue and soft rainbow rays..
Elohims said the Great Central sun is a composite of many suns. And higher aspects of Yves and I represent or part of Solaris 11 and Solaris 12 and together we are moving toward and integrating the 13th Sun. What I felt was this is a vast, complex and intricate concept of multiple dimensions and time lines. I felt this information definitely pertains to all of us. We are shifting into another spiral dance on a new creational plane. We as humanity are moving toward the emergence of the 13th sun (13th Sun disk?) and Osiris Arising?

Yesterday, we connected with the golden elohims again, and they reminded us see the world truly with the eyes of God/Goddesses and think/feel/act as creators because we are part of Elohims. We need to particularly be mindful of our vibrational transmissions through thoughts, feelings, words and actions. And much in the subconscious field will arise to be looked at and transmuted and embraced.. If there is anything that is not in alignment to our heart, ask them to be released in this golden light.

Since that night we both are feeling on-going shifts at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Today I went to Maia’s site looking for references to the 13th Sun and golden sun and blue moon. This is what I’ve found first:

Thoth on Prima Matra...“the distilled particles of aether or etheric purity of the soul, from which has been extracted all inclusions of gross coagulation (karmic infiltration into matter), and set before the Son of the Sun (the inner Light wisdom of Divine Self) and the Daughter of the Moon (the reflection of that divinity in the soul, as a memory of the pure condition). In the ensuing Light of their embrace, so the Sun and the moon are wedded in conjuncto of Spirit and the Golden Child is born from the First Matter of their seed. It is this pure solvent extracted from chaos that is held as a fine diamond powder before the eye of the soul.”

~ Eunjung’s website


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