The Land of Osiris

Khemit an ancient name of Egypt, means the Black Land, but according to Stephen Mehler, it is also the Land of Osiris. I just came across this video of a lecture by Mr. Mehler on Egypt as the Ancient Land. It is a long video, but found myself watching in all, as it is very interesting and aligned to my source translations and the Osiris Arising Project.

Some notes of special interest . . .

In a recent article on this site – The Capstone Eye of Horus – I mention:

Thoth told me many years ago that the capstone of the Great Pyramid – the Temple of the Risen One – contained gold plates which were essentially computer circuitry comprising a “mother board.” He did not use these terms, as in 1977 I knew nothing about computers! However, his description of these gold plates makes it now obvious to me as to what they were.

He also said that the capstone of this temple had “exploded” but never told me why, and that before the explosion, the plates had been removed and were now in safe-keeping.

So now, watching Mehler’s video at 1:06:16 he talks about evidence that the Great Pyramid had “exploded” inside it at one time in the distant past! This really got to me, as all these years I always thought it odd that I had received the capstone exploded. I have never heard anything to back this up until now. Mehler also has found evidence of some other pyramids in this grid exploding internally as well…one ripped apart.

At 1:24:46 Mehler discusses the small chamber of Sekhmet, saying it thought to be a portal. I can certainly vouch for this, as on our trip to Egypt in 1997, I was in this chamber and some amazing energies were present when we did a process there. Enough so to send our Egyptian guide running outside!


At 1:27:04 Mehler speaks about Akhnaten, whose Host Crystal Skull is on my altar. Thoth has shared with me in the past that Akhnaten was the last Shepherd King to rule Egypt. The Hyskos or Shepherd Kings are historically seen as a terrible bunch who invaded Egypt, but the Thothic Record completely disagrees with this. They were the true Kindred, returning to their land, expecting those whom they had left as guardians to return it into their keeping. The guardians turned on them instead, and vanquished them. However, some years later Akhnaten came forth to re-instate the spiritual awareness of the Hyskos (his ancestors). He also was brought down, but not before he had inserted powerful Solar Codes back into the Akasha of the Land.

At 1:35:59 Mehler believes Moses was a confident of Akhnaten. However, from the Thothic Record we have that Moses was actually the son of Akhnaten. This is a pretty close correlation though.

Stephen Mehler also states that the word “Pharaoh” breaks down to mean the House of the Divine Feminine, and thus all male rulers of Egypt were spiritual instated by the Feminine Sacred House! This was new to me, but made perfect sense. I see how the Osiris Dweller Skull inside the Osiris Vault of the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) had to be activate by the Isis Dweller Skull – through the Host Skull by Lynn-Celest’Ra in Egypt.


You will find this video and others in the playlists of my Osiris Arising You Tube Channel.


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