Master Builders and the Geodesic Markers

Crystal-Skull Keeper - art by Maia
Crystal-Skull Keeper – art by Maia

Kaylasa Jaguarstar – Her Reflections

While on the Red Queen Journey, I had access to an old Mayan text. They gave me a copy, and today I found something really interesting: that according to Mayan legends, their prophet, the Feathered Serpent (Thoth’s reincarnation) traveled to the “snowy mountains in the East” to bring light to the “other keepers of crystal skulls”. I was amazed to access a website with Tibetan teachings where the same legend is actually included, that Tibetan lamas talk of a king that spread Buddhism across their land and founded the political and spiritual system they held for 2000 years, but before that, it was a prophet “from the Maya-Naga people of the stars”, a wise man with the “sign of the Serpent” that brought light to the Himalayas and prepared them for the spiritual path that their king would bring to them. So the Tibetan lamas say, just as “Mexico awoke Tibet in the past, the lamas in modern times feel the responsibility of awakening Mexico”. That also makes sense, since lamas come here very very often, they have a center of studies in Mexico City,

That makes me think, on one hand, that Mayans were present in MANY ancient places, just as Jesus himself traveled to America and to Asia according to Thoth. Also according to him, there were Mayans in Canada and northern USA, I don’t remember the channeling but Thoth talked about the Templars coming to this continent way before Christopher Columbus, and some artifacts and suspended bodies in Oak Island, for example, a place where Mayans had been in ancient times. Other sources talk about Hebrews migrating to Ireland and Scotland, actually Thoth talks about Torhannah (the soul who later became Mary, mother of Jesus) who was an Egyptian princess who ran away to Scotland, and was called Scotta by them. I’ll tell you more on the Red Queen video I’m preparing, but there was a Mexican illumined master, a young girl named Regina Teucher, who was killed by by government in 1968…she was born in Mexico but raised in Tibet, where she had a reincarnation as a Dakini (similar to an angel) and she worked in awakening the female energy in my country. So it seems there’s a relationship among many sacred sites and masters of our past.


(Maia) Thoth speaks to me of the Master Builders, whom he says came from the SUN BOW CLAN. Star Beings of our Kindred. They set into the Earth the 33 geodesic markers. From the energy emanations of these markers, so the sacred structures arose….the pyramids of the Pyramidis Radius and other stone monoliths, such as Stonehenge. Some had to be re-built through the eons, when disasters stuck our planet..some merely refurbished. Yet the geodesic markers remained. They are deep enough into the ground that they survived. They are some kind of imperishable objects which keep together the energy configurations necessary for these massive structures to come together in frequency,,,and to aid in their repair and rebuilding.

In the late 1970’s I was given some information on these geodetic markers and even hand drew some symbols that related to them. This is packed in a box that I am too weak to access, or I would try to scan and share them.

I do have the following information on the Master Builders.


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