An amazing new Crop Circle in the UK

I am receiving that this is what Thoth is calling the “White Phoenix Star.” He does not say if this was created by the plasma craft or it was done by the Earth-based human group working with the Starry Ones. (I am personally leaning toward the latter.) Either way, it is a valid picto-transmission.

(Admittedly it looks more like a Native American Thunderbird…perhaps the Thunderbird and Phoenix are intrinsically one and the same.)

From my recent article The Red Queen & the Rega Passage, where I quote from information I received and published in 1980:

The Anii is the innermost part of the regula apsa within the central sun Atoma. It is here the transformation of energies takes place. The “Magii” is the Christ Flame. It is that which permeates and rises out of the Anii, analogous to the Phoenix arising from the ash. The symbol of the Phoenix represents to the Subterranean the “Christ Flame” or “Magii.” The word “Sorcoui” means Holy Ashes, and is identical with the Sacred Pyre or Fasmitima (also Holy Nest). The Phoenix is seen as the lifting of the Kundalini fire from the base of the spine. The fact that this magical bird represents both the rising Christos and the Kundalini, reveals that the Subterranean initiate acknowledges the action of the Kundalini as viable only when received through the Divine Fire of the Christ. The use of the word “Christ” here is not wholly in the context of Christian theology. It embraces the God Spirit in the Earth which culminated in the God Spirit in humanity through the vessel of the Master Jesus. The flame or spiritual cord of the Christ Spirit dwells within the Atoma of this planet. The Solar Sun also contains the Christ presence, but the true unifying flame is within the Earth. The Solar Sun is the masculine charge and the Earth Sun is the feminine charge. The masculine ray penetrates the mother egg (anii) to ignite the living fire.

So this White Phoenix Star is what Thoth is calling a glyph tone of the White Phoenix arising from it’s Nest, trailing the Divine Christic Fire through the Portal of the Sacred Tree – the KETHER.

When “OSIRIS” arises from the Vault of the Temple of the Risen One, as the final stage in activating the LP-40 Planetary Ascension, so “He” becomes the White Phoenix Star.

I asked Thoth why he is calling this a “glyph tone.” He states that all the genuine crop circles can be translated as tones, coming together in sequences to create harmonics on various octaves of activation within the DNA.

The Octaves of the White Phoenix becoming a “Star” are 241 in total. This particular one developed as a Crop Circle, is the philia nomuun – the key to insert into the whole Light program of the White Phoenix Star process.

We can view the White Phoenix Star as the universal process, with the Osiris Arising as the micro version “flash point” for Earth as it is activated within the Vault of Osiris inside the Temple of the Rsien One (Great Pyramid). So then, the White Phoenix Star Thoth shows me, is outstretching it’s wings above the head (Resh) of Osiris.

THIS PART of the glyph tone is representative of the “Head” – thus Osiris. Not just in the Vault of the Great Pyramid but in the Orion Nebula – the large circle above the Head’s labyrinth. The labyrinth part of the Head is the Vault of Osiris within the Temple of the Risen One; but it is more than that, as it is also the the Inner Workings – the brain-mind, the Interior of the planet, the DNA, etc.

“When a Blue Star Kachina is seen in the heavens, then Saquasohuh will dance in the plaza and remove his mask. Soon after that, the Hopi True White Brother (Pahana) will return to Earth.” 

When Osiris becomes the Kachina Fire Star Dancer, so the “White Star” is activated in the Heavens.


To understand more about the Osiris / Orion Nebula connection see my video –



After writing the above, I find in the Comments on Crop Circle Connector about this specific crop circle:

orion nebula3

That’s one of the reasons the Orion Nebula is so enchanting to secret societies – it looks like Horus-Ra.

Finally there’s definite Mayan-type square-spiral patterns in the formation…

Square Spiral11
THIS kind of spiral Thoth showed me as one of the “letters” of the Head! This photo is displayed with the comment in CCC given here. – Maia

..which also suggests Quetzalcoatl, a god-man-flying-serpent who brought knowledge and learning and the arts and raised up the native peoples of Central America into civilization and defeated barbarism. This is certainly a Messiah-type mythology, especialy reminiscent of Garuda-Vishnu.


As for the “head” of this formation, it is in the form of a rounded quincunx cross (a pattern like the number five on a die). “Quincunx is arranged of five points, with four of them forming a square and the fifth one at its centre. ‘…it is the sovereign number, the middle digit in the sequence of primary Arabic numerals one to nine; it is the ‘conjugal number’, and its Roman form, the V, is half a quincunx which, joined with another, becomes X… the first or fundamental letter of Christ’s name, and is therefore associated with generation and regeneration” (Claire Preston, Thomas Browne and the Writing of Early Modern Science).

Also, a crossed circle is an old symbol that indicates the Earth, the four quarters representing the four seasons. Astronomy and astrology both use it for this purpose. Therefore this crop formation “person” rules the whole world – again, an indication of the Messiah.

Additionally, the crop formation’s quincunx is tilted upright and circled, but then surrounded by a square – thus “squaring the circle,” which is generally taken to mean “doing the impossible.” That’s definitely the job of a “sovereign” Messiah!

Finally, the squared “head” of the formation is tilted to the right, and the top of the right feathers has a pattern that is more opened than the others. Does this indicate a blessing through an open hand, an expression of generosity and giving and help, a the lending of an ear and attention to our world? In any event, these “adjustments” seem deliberate. They also certainly lend this formation a sense of aliveness, and takes it out of the realm of pure icongraphy.

Additionally, there are certain definite number patterns in this formation. The head has four quarters in one circle, so 4-1, which is itself surrounded by a square, so 4-1-1, or 4-2. Then there’s the necklace of 10 strips, 5 on each side as indicated by the closeness of the innermost 2. The shoulder belt is also very interesting, with 8 Mayan square-spiral patterns on the left, a gap, and then 9 square-spiral patterns on the right – and the left and right side squares have opposite-turning spirals to conceptually separate them. Finally, the head numbers are repeated in the whole body, this time with the head acting as 1, the arm/wings of double patterns acting as 4, and then the two sides of tail/legs acting as 2.

So: 4-1 & 4-2 … 10-5-5 … 8-9, and then 4-1 & 4-2 again.

Offhand, 55 could indicated the 51’51” angle of the Great Pyramid, which doesn’t have a top (and is a quincunx looking down at it from above).

Also interestingly, the “Eye of Ra” is found floating above the American dollar bill pyramid, and that same Eye was given to Horus-Ra, and is often indicated as the top of the Great Pyramid iconographically – and Ra is the Sun King, indicating the Messiah at the top of the pyramid, as the combination of the human and the divine.

Which would mean the numbers 41 and 42 indicate that relationship in two ways – the whole body of the person, as well as the head – not just for knowledge and wisdom, but also because “messiah” means “anointed one” and the head is where that annointing traditionally takes place (this is also indicated by the center quincunx pattern of four squares around the one face in the Aztec Calendar Stone).As for 8 and 9, they could indicate the dualities of the world, even and odd, the inner and outer, as above, so below. And that might be supported by the two separate, but connected, circles surrounding the figure, joining “heaven and earth.”

As for 8 and 9, they could indicate the dualities of the world, even and odd, the inner and outer, as above, so below. And that might be supported by the two separate, but connected, circles surrounding the figure, joining “heaven and earth.” – As for 8 and 9, they could indicate the dualities of the world, even and odd, the inner and outer, as above, so below. And that might be supported by the two separate, but connected, circles surrounding the figure, joining “heaven and earth.” – John in CA


2 thoughts on “The White Phoenix Star

  1. This Formation is found as a “4th Star” in the BELT OF ORION Henges/Copses in the Hackpen Whitehorse area (8 other Formations have used this site since 2012). This then forms an important addition to the UR-MAGA (STAR OF THE MAGI) Star Stream from the Pleiades, through the Belt, to Sirius… the Stream that carries the ASCENSION Programs on to Earth. Thus the STREAM would use the White Star dynamic to further define the Ur-Maga carried “Rew Race” programs.


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