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Yesterday I watched this wonderful documentary included by Maia on the Osiris Arising Project playlist, about an underground cave complex in Giza. The explorers who discovered these caves say according to what they discovered, read and heard, this was an entrance to the Hall of Records of Thoth, and according to legend this was the place where the Emerald Tablets were kept, but the explorers intuitively felt these tablets were much more than two pieces or stone, they felt they contained the plans to the construction of Giza, and one of them, a woman, even believes although she can’t prove it, the tablets were inside Thoth himself (Thoth told the same thing to Maia, that the tablets were embedded in his DNA, so we have a great team of intuitive people + scientists in this video!!!).

They also explain how the three pyramids at Giza not only imitate the Belt of Orion, but also the constellation of Cygnus (the Sacred Swan). Actually, they found the entrance to the caves through this constellation. I think it is a wonderful addition to the information we have so far, because it made me think there might be another Hall of Records in the Mayan region, and maybe the Red Queen Dweller skull was actually hidden there (I told you in recent posts I reached a point in a hidden waterfall nobody really knows about, where I FELT the Red Queen dweller had been kept). Maybe this waterfall actually runs OVER the hall of records. And it seems at least part of my reasoning was correct! In the answer to this post, I share with you a link I found yesterday, to one of Edgar Cayce’s readings about a Hall of Records in the Mayan region, containing precious artifacts and knowledge from Atlantis. ONE of many entrances according to him is actually at a Mayan site called Piedras Negras. This town is a FEW MINUTES AWAY from the last site Thoth asked us to visit, TIKAL. There, we performed an extremely important ceremony and we “left” a ray of light the Red Queen host had received from the top of the most important pyramid at Chichen Itza!!!

Actually, if you write “¨Piedras Negras” on wikipedia, you will find its Mayan original name meant “GREAT GATEWAY”!!! Which makes a lot of sense, since although I have no way of proving this, when I visited Tikal I had a dream where I saw the belt the Orion and somebody offered me a scroll. When I opened the scroll, the following message was written: “Tikal is a gateway to Giza”. My personal theory? Tikal and Giza both connect to the Hall of Records, which the scientists are believing is a complex of caves in this dimension….BUT IT’S NOT. My opinion is that in both regions, these caves access an interdimensional gateway leading to the Hall of Records and to Orion itself. In my opinion, the outer hall, that is, the caves in both the Mayan Region and Giza, actually contain physical objects. But the real, interdimensional Hall of Records contain light books and light programs, similar to the crystal skulls themselves which Maia has defined precisely as “light programs” or light matrices with a specific purpose. My guess is the entrance to this interdimensional Hall is NOT easy, since they can’t allow just anybody to have access to these library of light (imagine the information and actual POWER one can get from there!), and my second guess is there are other halls in other sacred places on Earth, all of them containing two levels: 1) physical caves with sacred objects AND 2) an access to the interdimensional Hall of Records itself, which is not only a “storehouse” of knowledge, but in opinion, a a great CPU, a brain of light that interacts with Earth and with the network of pyramids somehow.


(Maia) Well, I happened to remember a transmission I received from ThothHorRa many years ago. I went search for it and hit paydirt! The following is excerpted from Issue 2 – 1983 of The Source. Of note: Thoth refers to the Great Pyramid here as the Temple of the Lion. In later years he would call it also, the Temple of the Risen One, saying that “Risen One” was it’s most ancient name.


Q:  Was the Great Pyramid of Giza built by your architecture and cosmic guidance, and under your authority?

Thoth:  The original repository wherein was contained the Talis (ocular records inscribed on gemstone) had lain undefiled since before the Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis, before the falling of the Veil, when the Earth was in the Light Forest.  I, the Thoth, Recorder of the Age, did employ forces of the Earth and Heaven in the lifting of the Pedestal {pyramid} above the repository, and all about the chamber did I honeycomb the Earth, so that the Sacred Hive might thrive unto the Coming Darkness.  At this time, and in ages afterward, other records were lain in adjoining chambers beneath the Pedestal, along with many precious things of civilizations among the stars, within and on the Earth.

Q:  Is the “original repository” containing the Talis, the same as what is known as the “Hall of Records?”

Thoth:  They are not wholly the same.  While the “Kapha” or original repository is often identified as such, it is a separate chamber from the Long Hall – “The Hall of Inscriptions,” that is in truth a tunnel or hallway, and not a cell, as is the Kapha.  The Hall of Inscriptions was constructed under my authority and contains numerous records of history and the Mystery of Life.  It reaches from the paws of the Lion (Sphinx) to the innermost chamber, the Kapha.  The “records” within the Kapha are beyond present mortal comprehension.  They remain there for the return of the Guardians.  They contain signal-codes for the repositioning of the Earth within the Heavens.

Q:  How was the Great Pyramid built?

Thoth:  The Great Temple of the Lion was raised through the knowledge of Acronemunetics. It is a process of building with light-energy or Photonics.  A grid is first constructed of photons, trapped in magnetic triangles.  Once the photon mass is sequentialized and brought to bonding with the magna-wave, matter-particles are transferred from the “gravis” or matter-source to the pattern of the light waves within the grid.  The structure must then “set” as it is for a time, in a plastic condition.  Once firm it is polished by lasers from copper shields.

Q:  Please explain the gravis or matter-source.

Thoth:  A matrix of material which is loosened from its atomic bonding so that it is holographically transferrable to the photonic grid.

Q:  Please give a brief statement on the later reconstructions of the Giza Pyramid.

Thoth:  The Temple of the Lion has been reworked on its surface stone three times hence.  It has been rebuilt from its fifth layer (of seven) to the surface stone, one time.  The interior has been realigned once, with certain changes in the light shafts to compensate for the Earth’s disalignment.  In the later reconstructions modifications of the original building process were employed.  As a drought presses the Earth dry on the banks of the Nile, so the full understanding of the Great Temple and its cosmic architecture receded from the Ancient People and their children under the Egyptian sun

Q:  What did the original “Temple” Pyramid of the Lion look like?

Thoth:  A brilliance of the Sun with its satellites, Hemis, Rasha and Xnuatis clustered about it.  The three smaller pyramids were completely destroyed through misuse of energies.  The two present pyramids of lesser stature now stand in the places of Hemis and Rasha.  In the age of the false gods, the Great Temple was gutted as a Lion gored by a Bull.  The capstone was exploded and much of the outer walls destroyed, as the energies were converted into heat upon the conductive outer skin of the Temple.  But before this destruction, the Great Temple was a Virgin Priestess among the multitude.  Her walls were of finest moonstone, polished to such a smoothness as to reflect the sunlight like a beacon to the stars.  Her magnitude was such that only the initiated, trained in retinal shielding could look upon her, and thus only the initiated dared to come into the sight of her inscrutable gaze.

Thoth:  It is generally accepted in esoteric circles that the capstone to the pyramid still exists, yet you say that it was “exploded!”  Please explain.

Thoth:  The physical capstone was destroyed.  The energy characters or vectors which gave the capstone power are preserved on golden shales in circuitry impressions.

Q:  What was the purpose of the Great Pyramid and its satellite pyramids

Thoth:  Its purposes were and are many.  Its main function is as a conductor / translator of energies – both Earth and stellar, in reassembling creation-grids for the measuring, maintenance and regeneration of the Earth as a Divine Temple within the Vault of Universal Dominions.  The details of this Divine Plan cannot be disclosed at this time.

Q:  In my book Red Tree (published 1972) I say that the Great Pyramid was built by an ancient order, later to become the Essenes.  Was I wrong in this statement?

Thoth: I, as Thoth (Master Initiate) was the educator of this ancient order in the Last Days of Atlantis.  Thus, it was their skilled labor that built the Great Temple under my guidance and authority.  In later ages, they would continue to rebuild and repair the original construction, despite their diminishing knowledge of the sciences involved.

Q:  What is the purpose of the Stone Box in the Queen’s Chamber? (Maia in 2015 – I am not sure why I asked about the Queen’s Chamber and not the King’s. I am receiving now that both worked basically the same, complimenting on another as a “coupling” devise.)

Thoth:  It serves as an isolator cell… a resonating cavity for transformation of molecular systems.  It can be activated on various levels of performance, from transmuting metals to transferring biosystems from place to place.  It can also be used for astral traveling, time projection, etc.  However, the Stone Box, as it now exists, is incomplete.  There was originally an outer casing over it and a control center, consisting of a gold and nickel box… a small computer built into a serpent-headed ornament attached to the outer casing.  This casing was of gold and lapis, inset with emerald and diamond gems, faceted to achieve energy functions.  Along the top of the outer casing (the lid of the box) was a serpent’s body in relief.  It was within this “body” that most of the jewels were positioned.  In the center of the serpent column was a hollow crystal tube, attached to the “head” of the serpent, winding with the body to the tail that was divided into three golden “feathers” with rattles along the quills.  These rattles were high-resonance crystals.  There are features within the entire system, called the “Orpha,” that cannot be revealed now.  Yet it can be stated that this system, of which the remaining Stone Box was the matrix component, was a transforming element, operating on subatomic article-energy.

Q:  Are there other repositories of equal importance on the surface Earth?  (My question would include subterranean vaults, although I do not refer to those deep in the Earth or in the Central Cavity.)

Thoth:  There are several repositories of great importance.  It is difficult to determine the word “equal” as it is used in this context.  For each repository containing ancient records intended for future revelation have their own essentiality in the Karma of the World, and bear a unique seal upon the Divine Records.

Q:  Very generally, where are some of the major repositories located?

Thoth:  Near Lake Titicaca on the Altiplano plateau in Peru / Bolivia; Lhasa, Tibetan Plateau; Four Corners, USA; Wasatch Mts., Salt Lake region, Utah; Mt.  Shasta, California; Teton Mts.  Wyoming; Maui, Hawaii… there are other repositories throughout the world.

Q:  Are there accessible repositories within the submerged Atlantis?

Thoth::  There are two regions in the Atlantic where these records may be found.  One is in the area of the Bimini Islands, the other near the Yucatan Peninsula.  The latter was submerged antecedent to the former.  There is also a third in the Atlantic, but it is not a repository in the same sense as the others we are discussing here.  It is a “fallen temple,” that had been taken over in the Last Days of Atlantis by the false priests.  Yet within it are sacred records of a specific kind.  The temple will one day receive purification and be restored, the records freed from darkness.


Maia in 2015: Thoth will you at this time address the location you mentioned in this previous transmission of many years ago as being “near the Yucatan Peninsula?” Would this be the area of Tikal / Piedras Negras in Guatamala?

ThothHorRa: Yes, this is so.

Maia: If the original Red Queen’s Crystal Skull is beneath a temple in Chichen Itza….then it is not within the repository?


Thoth: It is not, but understand that all these sacred temple sites: in and near the Yucatan are connected to the “field” that the “repository” is within.

Maia: Are all these repositories around the world in a slightly removed dimension…a “sub-dimension” as you call it?

Thoth: If you are speaking of the Repositories of the Risen One, yes they are. However, they each have a physical “lodestone” so to speak…a devise / stone / structure that is the entry to the field.


(Maia) Before we continue on to another aspect of this topic, the following is also in the 1983 transmission from Thoth from which I excerpted above . . .



Q:  Is the Shroud of Turin the actual linen of His burial shroud?

Thoth:  So this is the cloth of the Miraculous Transformation of the Christed Joshua, resurrected through the Light of the Saf-Fire.  There are records in the Yucatan which in a future time shall be found, attesting to the Resurrection of Christ and the veracity of the Turin Shroud.

Q:  Please comment further on this!

Thoth: Upon the journey of the resurrected Christ to the Yucatan, He left this account.  It was written in an ancient, lost language by a great Shaman of the Temple in the city of Xutswiani, a city now lost to the centuries within the voracious growth of the jungle.  I quote from this accounting:

“And so Habaar (Jesus Christ) who lay in the Sleep, came unto the Great Ones of Old, and they communed with Him…  Habaar was anointed by the serpent’s tongue, His lungs were blown with the serpent’s breath, and his flesh was made transparent as the crystal stone.  Passed He outward from the Death Veil, His body illuminate with the power of the Seven Thunders.”

( The full issue 2 – 1983 of The Source can be obtained in the Spirit Store, or for Kyi’Ra Portal members in the Vault of Thoth.)


In issue 3-4 – 1991 of Temple Doors, is given from a Thothic transmission to me . . .

From the IBENU, a text of the Atlantean Horathimkis, which lies within the Hall of Records beneath the Temple of the Lion, the Great Pyramid of Giza, it is written, “Thus did the Thoth, the Great One of Aphra, anchor the Morning Star to the rudder of the Solar Boat of the Lion, so that He of the Morning Star, the Lord of 1,000 Suns, may make the sacrifice of his Light to the World.”

We, who now enter the holy sanctum of the Temple of the Morning Star, will walk with the Lion.  This is to enter into one’s own power and emancipate that power, sending it as a golden arrow into the Spirit-Heart of the Risen Christos, the Light in the center of Darkness.


My 3 part video presentation, 11th Gate of the Star was developed from the transmission I published in the 3-4 – 1991 issue of Temple Doors.



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