The Red Queen & The Rega Passage

from Kaylasa Jaguarstar . . .

UPDATE ON THE RED QUEEN JOURNEY: Today, I’m finally home after a trip of 5,000 miles across three countries: Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. I am back, but I am not the same person. I can tell you the light I received in this trip has changed me forever. The journey itself is not over, though, as the closing ceremony will be performed on July 26th, the date of the Galactic New Year according to the Mayans, when Sirius is aligned with Earth. The ceremony will be held in Teotihuacan, the city of the Gods in central Mexico. The day before that, July 25th, I will take the Red Queen host to the Virgin’s Basilica in Mexico (the largest temple dedicated to a virgin around the world), where I will be doing yet another ceremony dedicated to the sacred feminine.


I leave you know with a picture I took of the Red Queen host with my andara dragon-crystal, and my two own skulls (the pink quartz one is called Kia’madi , and the red-white agathe one is called Serpent Jaguar or White Child). The design below them is a combination of the Tree Life with the Caduceus of Hermes (Thoth).


Thoth commentary (through Maia): The “Heart” is beating once again. It has become enlivened through the activation of the Skull nodes in the Great Temples (upon Kaylasa’s sacred journey with the Red Queen).

On the 26th – the “Sirian Day” – so the doors to the central sun of the Earth will be opened, and the Rega Passage will become lit with the Goddess Flame of the Feminine Christic Ray. SHE will place a WHITE ROSE upon the altar of the Heart that it may bloom eternally in the Temple of Beauty.

The Red Queen, the White Queen and Lady of the Lake (Isis) will lead the procession…all the Dweller Skulls will become as stars aligned in the Heavens, as the IMMACULATE is seated upon her throne..


The above is one of Thoth’s symbolic messages. At this writing, I am not sure what it all means, but the essence of it has to do with the energies of the SOUL of the Earth (Gaia-Mother of Humanity and all living creatures upon Her) opening her Heart (central sun atoma of this planet) to receive a Conception of Grace.

The “Rega Passage” is something I received in 1980. This was Thoth’s “clue” to me in the message above. I probably have not read about the Rega Passage in my old SOURCE editions since the 1980’s! I don’t recall it having been brought to my attention since then. So now…as I write this…I return to issue 4-1980 of THE SOURCE.

I am really amazing and humbled at what I read! As many reading this article know. on July 26th this planet will be experiencing our star-sun’s alignment with Sirius – another “blue star” (as is Rigel in Orion). For those of you who follow my work, you know the importance of the Sirian energy as a “Gatekeeper” of the capstone over the “Universal Tear” in Orion.

So now I go to the information I received 35 years ago . . .

The human heart houses the heart chakra which is intimately linked from conception to the regula apsa of the earth atoma.  We and the earth are literally one.  The light that travels in grand procession upon the Rega Passage, entering the earth heart, reaches our pulsing organ as well.  Through etheric bonding time and space are eliminated, and the light serves as a vessel of communion between man and his earth.

The sacred temples of Subterranea, like the ancient temples and great Gothic cathedrals, recreated the Rega Passage (in earth and in man) in the placement of their windows, halls, shades of stained glass, so that the passage of light into the Temple is symbolically equivalent to the journey of Light upon the Grand Procession of Rega.  A single beam of light, a translucent essence, symbolizing the soul, housing therein the spirit of fire, is diffused through the intricacies of mind.  Harbored in the most regent channels of space, it approaches steadfastly the point of mergence with matter.  In the Temple this act of consignment is registered in the harmony and beauty of a perfect coupling, the light and the stone, the space and the time.  The very hollows of the Temple respond to the sacrament of twining, the rose of light with the thorn of matter, which pricks our consciousness and spurs us through our material existences.

Among the Holiest of Central Earth Temples is the Temple of the Twining wherein the splendor and sacred geometry of the Rega Passage, the physical-spiritual functioning of the earth-heart and its mergence in twin flame with the heart chakra of man, is displayed and enacted through ceremony.

Within the most esoteric of doctrines abides the Secret of Ages revealed only to the highest initiates of the Temple.  Inner Earth Priest Craft, however, do not regard this most Holy doctrine as a secret.  It is unfolded to the mind and heart of the child in the earliest years of wonder.  In the Great Medicine Societies, and within the Sacred Orders (of the Inner Earth), this basic knowledge is expanded within the understanding of the initiate.  It is called the “Magda” or “Anii,” both of which mean the Holy Center.  In Hebrew the word Ani means both ship and me or myself.  In the “First Language” of Earth (the Sacred) “ii” was used to denote the personal God-self within the human soul.  It is closely related to the word “Anii,” meaning Holy Seed or Seed Flame.  The Anii is the innermost part of the regula apsa within the central sun Atoma.  It is here the transformation of energies takes place.  The “Magii” is the Christ Flame.  It is that which permeates and rises out of the Anii, analogous to the Phoenix arising from the ash.  The symbol of the Phoenix represents to the Subterranean the “Christ Flame” or “Magii.”  The word “Sorcoui” means Holy Ashes, and is identical with the Sacred Pyre or Fasmitima (also Holy Nest).  The Phoenix is seen as the lifting of the Kundalini fire from the base of the spine.  The fact that this magical bird represents both the rising Christos and the Kundalini, reveals that the Subterranean initiate acknowledges the action of the Kundalini as viable only when received through the Divine Fire of the Christ.  The use of the word “Christ” here is not wholly in the context of Christian theology.  It embraces the God Spirit in the Earth which culminated in the God Spirit in humanity through the vessel of the Master Jesus.  The flame or spiritual cord of the Christ Spirit dwells within the Atoma of this planet.  The Solar Sun also contains the Christ presence, but the true unifying flame is within the Earth.  The Solar Sun is the masculine charge and the Earth Sun is the feminine charge.  The masculine ray penetrates the mother egg (anii) to ignite the living fire.

As the Divine Presence merged with the many aspects of Earth through the human element (via many incarnations within the carriage soul of Adam-Jesus).  The actual Christ Flame was within the core of Earth rather than within the core of the carriage soul, only serving to illuminate the carriage soul for the ultimate purpose.  Upon the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, the carriage soul and the Christ Flame, for the first time since before the Adamic experience, were as one.  The Christ had then become centered in both the atoma of Earth and the atoma of Jesus.  Consequently, after the crucifixion and entombment of Jesus’ body, His astral and etheric body fulfilled the final stage of purification for mankind within the epochs of Pisces.  (There were other fulfillments of the Christos in later epochs.)  He returned into the Central Earth to travel upon the Rega Passage, as He did the road to Jerusalem and to be received into the Sacred Heart of the world.  This was necessary to complete the journey of the “God born of man,” which began when the Magii was lifted from the Anii, joined with the carriage soul (while still within the atoma) and sent upon the Earth into the genetic bonding of karmic man, to begin the Adamic race.  The return engaging of the carriage soul with the Central Holy released the “original sin” which the carriage soul had assumed for all mankind when it became necessary for Illumined Man to become Karmic Man.  After the purification of the carriage soul, the astral and etheric body of Jesus walked among the people of the Heritage of One (Subterraneans) before the ascension.

“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly, so shall the son-of -man be three days and three nights in the Heart of the Earth.”

– St. Matthew, ch. 12 vs. 40

“I went down into the countries of the earth unto the people of the past.”

– From the television motion picture, “Jesus of Nazareth”

In the doctrine presented within the Temple of the Twining (which is under the auspices of the Blue Mantle Society) there is depicted the “Rosari,” a symbolic pattern of Christ Passage within the Earth represented by seven roses.  The Rosari was originally brought from Venus by the First Generation, which was before the presence of Karmic Man, before the Adamic Race.  It is a prophetic unfoldment as petals of the rose given forth from the Crystal of Records and guided by the Illumined of Earth.  The atoma is completeness, registered in the number Seven.  Each rose upon the Rosari is a color in harmony with the Seven Harmonies of the Universe.  There is an eighth Harmony, the Christ Tone, as there is also an eighth rose on the Rosari, an Invisible Rose represented in the center of the seven as a brilliant light within a triangle inside a circle (the points of the triangle extending outside the circle).

“The Rose doth grow through love.  No chalice lifts so sweet a wine as that which shall descend when the Plague of Roses begins.” Verse from the Talithwa Canticle – Temple of The Twining – 4-1980 of The Source can be found in my Spirit Store – Kyi’Ra Portal members may download it here.


As an aside . . .

Kaylasa will perform her ceremony with the Red Queen on the 26th at Teotihuacan. It was there in 1973 that I climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to perform a sacred ceremony, which I wrote about in “The Source” and again in my book, Blue Star Love.

I feel strongly that what Kaylasa will be doing there on the 26th is connecting to my ceremony in 1973. as I write this sentence, Thoth is showing me a RED and GREEN serpent. He is forming a lemniscate around this solar sun and Sirius.

In my ceremony of 1973, energies from the star Algol in the constellation of Perseus, were striking the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. I say this as it is what I received, but have no scientific information from academia to back it up.

It was some kind of releasing and balancing charge. I am just now reading in Wiki that Algol is called “the Demon Star.” Then from another article . . .

The star Algol takes its name from an Arabic word meaning “the Demon’s Head.” This star is said to depict the terrifying snake-y head of the Medusa monster.

In the mythology of the skies, Perseus – a great hero often depicted mounted on Pegasus the Flying Horse – used Medusa’s head to his own advantage – to turn Cetus the Sea-monster into stone. Perhaps the ancients associated this star’s variable brightness with the evil, winking eye of the Medusa. – source

Hmmm, so snakes are involved with Algol as well!


Thoth is requesting that the guardians of the Dweller Host Crystal Skulls stay especially attuned with Kaylasa and the Red Queen on July 26th.


I highly recommend reading Celia Fenn’s article, When Two Suns Rise . . .

The end of July is celebrated as the Planetary New Year because many of the ancient Time Keeper races on the Earth recognized this as the moment when an important New Cycle of Evolutionary Time was initiated. This period was also associated with what was known as the “Lion’s Gate”, the historical moment when the constellation of Leo aligned with the Pyramid complex at Giza. But you might ask, why is that important to me in the year 2015?

This is because the Planetary New Year celebrates the moment when the Blue Star Sirius rises in the morning sky at the same time and in nearby location to our Sun. It is the time when Earth has Two visible “suns” in the sky. The one sun is Golden, and the other is Blue in Frequency. This conjunction of Stars celebrates the long connection between Earth, and its Sun, and the Star System of Sirius. – read complete article

ALSO . . . viewing my video discourse, The Crucible of Osiris.


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  1. This one is known as Pancho and was inherited from Mario Bojores’ grandmother. He has his spiritual name, B’n Na Za. This photo was taken in my home. A group of people came to meet Pancho, Mario and Jonah Bolt who hosted them.

    Ruth Anne

    I have my own small crystal skull.

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