Amakua – Ao’aumakua

Kaylasa Jaguarstar . . .

Today I was aware of an aspect of the Osiris Arising Project U hadn’t been aware of before. Not only has this project and Maia’s channelings been an opportunity of spiritual evolution, but we’re also getting through intuitive means, knowledge of technologies developed b civilizations millions of years older than ours. The pyramidis radius, for example, this net of pyramids constructed to balance the Earth’s forces and our DNA in many ways, and ultimately, to help our planet ascend to another reality. The crystal skuls, as tools for communication, attunement, ascension, and even healing…..when you think about it, we’re being fortunate enough to witness and participate in the birth of a new era, and have access to extremely advanced resources. So, I leave you with two pictures I took today at my friend Star’s house:

PICTURE 1: The Red Queen host skull next to an old Tibetan skull, thousands of years old, given to my friend Star by a lama. Her name is Amakua (which means “Love”), and Star has healed people and communed with beings from Orion through her for years. Above the skulls, there is an Atlantean Gate my friend built for healing purposes with the guidance of these Oronian masters. PICTURE 2: The healing room my friend Star uses to treat her patients. It’s surrounded by 4 Atlantean Gates, creating a matrix of light, and below each one, there is at least one crystal skull; the skulls create another light matrix. The main skull (the Tibetan skull named Amakua) is always placed at the head of the patient, and it helps to open a pathway between the patient’s light body and the crystal matrices around him/her.



(Maia) Kaylasa has had an extraordinary journey with the Red Queen. It seems so fitting that the ancient skull Amakua is included.

To quote from something I wrote several years ago . . .

Upon my re-location to Hawai’i in March of 2004 I have been exploring the ancient Hawaiian perspective of the “aumakua” (ancestors) and “ao’aumakua (ancestors of light).  As I understand it, the aumakua are the family members who have transitioned and were/are a part of our more recent family lineage. The ao’aumakua reach further back in time and also out-of-time to encompass Beings of Light from whence we descended. I now view my “contacts” with Thoth and other “Illumanaries” as connecting to my ao’amakua. However, the amakua as actual personages of your past linage is only a linear view of the amakua hierarchy. The kahunas believe that the aumakua/ao’aumakua are within you…you draw upon them from the center of your creation and your DNA.

Seeing “Amakua’s” name prompted me to search for this above. I now read it with new eyes. It is so obvious to me that the ao’aumakua are those whom the Dweller Beings are carrying in the DNA relationship to everyone on Earth! As Thoth has said, the Dweller Crystal Skulls contain the codings for ALL our “Light” DNA.

As for the Amakua ancient crystal skull now under the guardianship of Star, Thoth is revealing to me that it is Hosting a Dweller Skull!

As Kaylasa wrote in my previous posting on this skull:

This is one of Star’s skulls. This skull was hidden in the Himalayas for thousands of years and then given to my friend Star by a Tibetan lama. Star has used it to communicate with Orion beings and to do some healing work…

There are only two remaining LOTUS Dweller Crystal Skulls that I was not given a Host Skull identity to: Tang Ma Nu – male Priest-Monk in Tibet and Klukaptek – known also to the Mayans as Kukulkan, the Vision Serpent [Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs.

Thoth is now showing me that Amakua is Hosting Tang Ma Nu!

It is important to realize that all crystal skulls are engaged in Light Work or created for that purpose, support the O’SIR’RIM Matrix.

Of Interest – This Paragraph


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