Kaylasa’s Journal : Red Queen Meets an Ancient Crystal Skull

Kaylasa Jaguarstar . . .

Today I visited a friend of mine (on my left, on this picture) named Star, who has lived in the Mayan region in Mexico for years, and has worked with crystal skulls for a very long time. She has done rituals of purification and releasing of dark energies with the skulls in concentration camps and other places where the Inquisition killed millions. I shared with her today the Osiris Arising Project, and she was thrilled and happy; she is also a healer, working with her hands and the chakras, and she worked on me.


She lives in a little Mayan town called Izamal where I wasn’t planning to go to at first, but a series of co-incidences led me there, and I ended up taking the Queen in the Izamal basilica (a church dedicated to the Virgin, the second largest in the entire world which was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1993), and in a pyramid called Kinich, dedicated to the sun god of the Mayans, called Itzamana (Izamal is known not only for the size of its church, but because it’s the place in the world where a little town has 7 different pyramid sites…..literally, the houses are built among the pyramids here!!).

I felt I needed to go to the church and to this pyramid, and pray for the healing of that place. It wasn’t until later that I met with Star, that she told me that church had an underground torture chamber where thousands of Mayans died in the past, and she also told me the main pyramid in the town, Kinich, contained a very ancient cenote. A Mayan man I found in the street later on also told me the cenote had extremely old artifacts, artifacts that according to Shamans belonged to the Atlanteans!!!! So, it turned out The Red Queen led me to this place because she needed to be here!


This is one of Star’s skulls. This skull was hidden in the Himalayas for thousands of years and then given to my friend Star by a Tibetan lama. Star has used it to communicate with Orion beings and to do some healing work (actually, I was first introduced to crystal skulls back in 2011, during a spiritual initiation where I received the light of this skull). Her name is Amakua, a word that means Love. Tonight, the Red Queen is sleeping in Star’s living room with Amkua, because I felt they needed to be together and integrate their energies. I told Star about the Osiris Arising Project. She sends us her blessings and her gratitude. The device above the crystal skull on this pic is an Atlantean Gate, by the way, a crystal device Star built with the guidance of the Orionian beings she communes with through the skull. She uses it for healing purposes. These gates (she has 4 of them) in combination with her crystal skulls have worked wonders in my body.


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