ISIS & My Vision

Yesterday when I received the ISIS Crystal Skull back, I anointed her with some oil that Fredaricka Yarom of Israel had sent me, which I received the same day as the skull. It was made by a man in Egypt, but the ingredients for it was channeled by another man…a friend of Freda’s. It is a combination of lily, papyrus and sandalwood. The channeler of the ingredients has much to say about it’s beneficial uses, but I will tell you here, that I felt Thoth urging me to anoint ISIS with it…and dab a little on the rest of the Gang as well LOL.

Later, I suddenly had this vision with a powerful feeling of past experience. I saw myself on the steps of a temple on a hill, up over a city. All the buildings were white or light colored, and the temple was a gleaming white in the sun. There was the sea – an inlet or bay – in the distance, with the city going right up to the edge of it.

I could see that there was chaos below…people fighting, fleeing,..fires and screams. There were ships burning in the bay.

I had this sad, sad feeling…wanting to lift them all into the LIGHT…feeling so helpless. I saw them as children LOST. I felt it had been my life’s purpose then (along with the others in the temple) to guide the People away from such outcomes and yet now….it was all beyond my helping.

But I also felt at the same time, a great merkabah of LIGHT that would indeed, heal and restore…but in a coming age that was far removed in time from the life I was living then…and yet in the TIMELESS it wrapped around my “self” then, in a warm mantle of presence.

At first I thought this might be Atlantis, but then I felt more strongly it was Egypt – but long before the “Egyptians” as we know them to have been. When I trace back into the Akasha to that moment I experienced, I see that in the distance, raised the pyramids of the Giza plateau, with the “Great” Temple of the Risen One prominent upon the horizon. It shone as a dazzling white light!

I was a priestess in the Temple of Isis then, but there were no hieroglyphs and standard carvings or statues depicting her in what we recognize as the ancient Egyptian style. All that came much later.

In my re-visiting through the Akasha, I tried to see more, but felt more than saw. I did see a statue of a woman (ISIS) but it was not Egyptian-style except that it did have the solar disk over the head with the crescent supporting it. She also carried an Ankh in the left hand. I saw all this faintly, but other than those two symbols, it did not look like an ancient Egyptian statue.

At her feet was a small animal. I think it was some kind of a cat, but obviously a species no longer existent. It looked kind of like a mix between a koala and a cat.

So what was going on below? The fighting, screaming and killing….I am not sure, but I feel it was during the time of the Companions of Horus. Toward the latter part of that Age. It was all coming undone between the Nephilim and the HorRa (as they were called) and soon the remaining HorRa would leave…those who were not murdered.

Yet Thoth is telling me (ThothHorRa) that they never really left…and that soon the LIGHT will shine once again in a “New Land.” Many will be called to this place, as the Pyramidis Radius ignites and fills the sky. I have not heard about this “New Land” from him before. It is not the New Earth dimension, but within the bridging realm of the Pyramidis Radius in this, the “Old Earth” as it is received into the Birthing Cocoon of the PRM.




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